1. I feel you because I started using Blender using a potato. But trust me... it's worth saving up for a better PC

  2. I think he did it to correct his subdivision modifier. Because Clint (Pwnisher) made this water bottle in his newest video and said you need to ad edge loops to correct your subdivision modifier.

  3. tried and succeeded, great work! maybe a more 'front-on' composition lower to the ground would make the scale feel more correct. seriously great modeling and texturing!

  4. Holes are tricky. A boolean modifier is the most general way to do it, but for an object like this where it's hollow, I'd create the outline and use the screw modifier.

  5. I'm guessing that line is the UV cut but then again i swear i've seen bottles with a line like that

  6. I hate that I looked at it and I'm like why tf is some dudes fucked up water bottle on my page?

  7. Good try, however I knew it was CGI right away. I think it may be due to the proportions or maybe the plastic material having a very smooth surface. It looks good though!

  8. How do people abuse their bottles this hard? I got a dent in the bottom from dropping it once.

  9. The poly count is way too high for my taste, but I honestly thought it was real at first, the I figured it was this sub.

  10. i know the poly count is way to high but i just applied the subdivision and didnt bother to clean it up

  11. Pavement looks great, bottle looks great. The cap looks fake, ding it up some more and roughen up the plastic. Add a small amount of bump with a small noise texture with a large scale number to give it tiny little bumps all over.

  12. i actually did have some bumps, scraches and fingerprints but because of the denoising and the surface being black it fades away

  13. Damn that’s great! Well done! How did you get the ‘scraped off paint’ look? Any chance you could share a peek at your node setup? 🙏

  14. The contact between the bottle and the ground gives it away. It looks like it's clipping through. Or maybe it's the lack of detail on the ground?

  15. It looks great! I'd say the black handle looks almost uncanny valley, like it looks real but at the same time it does look like a render

  16. I saw the picture and just thought: "who just posts a picture of a water bottle on the sidewalk" good job.

  17. bottle and ground look great. but the bottle looks weathered and the cap is still in perfect

  18. before I saw which sub I was on, I was so confused why anyone would post a picture of their dented water bottle

  19. My water bottle is more dented than that. Love the seam on the side of the blue for some reason.

  20. It looks too real for me to tell if it is a meme or not. If it is rendered... honestly I didn't know blender is capable rendering such a realistic look.

  21. Great job! I'm assuming you used substance? The seam on the side shouldn't be that damaged compared to the convex edges, and the seam on top is the same. Otherwise great job!

  22. Looks amazing. Only thing I see is maybe put some more damage on the cap. I've never had a water bottle that got beat up that much, without having some chips out of the plastic

  23. Honestly, it took me off-guard flipping through the slideshow because I didn't see what sub I was in. So dang, good job! Got me pretty easy!

  24. This looks really nice! If you want to enhance the realism a bit further, you could try removing some of the wear in the corner of the raised ring before the neck. If the bottle's wear is from scraping against things, it's likely that the scrapes would hit the neck and/or that raised bump, but not be able to touch the space in between them. It's a great model and render though.

  25. The concrete it is sitting on, specially that bigger hole above the shadow, is it all from the texture? Is it a bought texture? I have nothing that has such a deep height difference on it.

  26. So, beginner here: is there any reason to actually have that many vertices on your mesh? Why not just get the general shape sculpted and add a subsurf modifier for the render?

  27. I was scrolling on my feed and saw this and totally thought it was a real picture, thought it was weird there was a random pic of a bottle lol

  28. Not realistic, I would have forgotten to drain it and thrown it out instead of tempting fate trying to open and clean it long before it got this beat up.

  29. Good bottle! I would say that the lid looks weird though. Also the amount of faces on this thing is ungodly and I am confused and scared send help

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