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  2. The lighting and special effects have been really good so far. It gives Bleach a unique feeling, and sets it apart from other anime.

  3. It’s super vibrant and soft. The movements are swift and fluid while making hits look heavy when they need too.

  4. Agreed I was really worried that it would change too much and the humor would also change but it's been going well so far.

  5. For me it's the glossy color vibrants. Like look at the hair, it's not just 1 color gradient, but literally goes from dark shade to lighter shade. The haori's are even better, with the black and lighter shading really complimenting each other. It feels...detailed!

  6. The new colors are amazing, the brightness refelcts the rebirth of the series for me. I think a fucking 9.3/10 on my arbitrary scale. Everything reflects Tite Kubo's style so much more this time around. Every slow paced scene or still taken from the manga has that iconic minimalist clean cut fucking sleekness to it that makes me nut everytime I see it. The creators have used the improvement of technology brilliantly and I'm so happy that they were able to exceed the previous art style thanks to the break.

  7. I like the way they’re using colors to depict the tone. Light hearted scenes are very vibrant, while sad/heavy scenes are muted and dull.

  8. im just like in awe that its in HD n the animation is so smooth but i wish they stuck closer to kubo's art style the whole way through. ichigo looks really young in some scenes n im like who is this

  9. Is it just me that thinks Sōma from food war in English dub sounds like English dub ichigo Completely unrelated just thought of it

  10. Given how it gives every episode a consistent look, how it creates a great atmosphere for each battle and how it just looks dang neat, I'll say I think me likes it a lot.

  11. It has the added benefits of a colorful palette while not completely straying from the muted colors during important scenes. Also the introduction of the original gotei 13 was fantastic.

  12. Am I the only one who feels the coloring in many of the scenes are so dark that its hard to see clearly ? Am not hating am just an opinion .

  13. The brightness and the Colora. I also love the contrast between the different places in the SS, how the royal palace is bright and funny, the SS is a more gloomy and the Muken is this dark obsidian. I love it

  14. It’s tipped towards Ufotable color schemes, I like it lots of clean animations with dark colors such as purple red ect.

  15. It's nice. It's closer to the original animation than the middle or the end. They really went all out in the earliest episodes before it got cookie-cutter outsourced.

  16. To be honest, i don't really like it. Especially when it changes the style in fight animations. But.... I can deal with it. It is not bad. It is just dufferent than before. I am simply happy to have it animated at all .

  17. It looks so gorgeous! I love the attention to detail and the vibrant colors. Makes the fights sooo much cooler to watch!

  18. I really like the new style. It manages to look modern and unique, but not overly glossy like Dragon Ball Super.

  19. the new animation style is SO GOOD I cannot possibly pinpoint onet hing. I havent watched many new anime I realize so this quality jump is insane for me.

  20. The new style has it's ups and downs. However, they do a good job adding movement where it should be. I remember a couple episodes ago where they animated Ichigo's long coat to look like it had weight to it, and I was like, "wow, I never realized that the previous studio never did that".

  21. Don't get me wrong i think the animation is GOD TIER but in some scenes they give too much filters in some scenes

  22. Yeah, same. Like, the art in the Arrancar Arc. I'm not a fan of these added shadings and whatnot (i dunno the correct term, I'm not an artist lol) but I'm happy that they don't over-redesign the animation. It's still faithful to the original animation that we know and love.

  23. The colors and particle effects are on another level. You can see dusts floating in the daylight in some scenes of the new episode

  24. I wish I could caption but it's my highlight of what I find gorgeous about it, the color contrast and attention to such detail

  25. this entire comment section but the opposite. Just don't like the new look with it's weird glossy , unclean blue tint look is plain bad to me.

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