1. He's like one of the most popular sternritter and I've never heard a single person say he's a bad introduction to the new Quincies.

  2. Also what other Sternritter should have done. Someone like Liltotto or Giselle who were shown a lot never did anything more than 1 arrow and their schrifts.

  3. Very underated, only Quincy to show mastery over all the basics and advanced Quincy techniques aside from Uryu, which ironically you'd expect from the other sternritters.

  4. Absolutely great character. Of course you need antagonists with reason, but you also need absolute dipshit psychopath antagonists and after hearing his VA in the trailer I am even more hyped for his appearance

  5. He is definitely one of the coolest Quincy when it came down to abilities. He felt like a traditional quincy compared to the other sternritters or schutzstaffel that heavily relied on their schrift.

  6. He's the most "Quincy" out of the Sternritter, if I'm being honest. I liked him, but at the same time I hate him. His power is too inconsistent to tell how strong he really is, as the only limit it was shown to have was "Oh it doesn't work on Quincies lol".

  7. I’m really glad he’s as early in the arc as he is, cause I can’t wait to see him in the anime. Probably my second or third favorite among the sternritter (nobody is gonna top Askin for me, and I really dig As Nodt’s design)

  8. One of my favorite sternritters forsure. The fact he uses sm Quincy abilities and the fact he’s the executive hunting captain should speak for itself. He’s also just straight up sick asf in general and hella threatening. Definitely one of the best intros to the Quincy’s imo 🔥🔥🔥

  9. I didn’t like Opie when TYBW was first running and i was reading it. But after TYBW ended and i looked back at the arc in full, i began to really like him. Not my favourite Sternritter, but i think he did a good job of introducing the Sternritter and gave Ichigo a pretty good fight. Can’t wait to see it animated.

  10. Definitely underrated in the arc, he was a great way to introduce the sternritters and their abilities. I would acc rank him higher than some of the other ones later in the story he would have acc put up a fight in the first invasion compared to a few other quinces.

  11. Great starting antagonist for the arc. Not the particularly coolest Quincy, but he does his job well, and his abilities genuinely feel like an upgraded Quincy arsenal(which is my only real gripe with the other Sternritter, who don’t always feel like actual Quincies to me).

  12. Underrated and under appreciated. He showcased everything the new quincy could do and put real fear towards what Ghote 13 was up against. Sadly the rest never show cased the scary quincy abilities.

  13. i almost wish he was recurring. The recurring antagonists for Ichigo really made a lot of the past arcs, especially people he faced near the beginning that work as some kind of foil to him. Having the most quintessential quincy as that foil would not only have been great, but also something that just makes a lot of sense. Byakuya was the most quintessential shinigami while Ulquiorra and Grimmjow in their own respects were the most quintessential hollows (for Ulquiorra, the emptiness that hollows feel, and for Grimmjow, the hunger that hollows feel).

  14. I believe given his abilities Quilge Opie could have been a member of the Schutzstaffel(royal guard). Other than Uryu (who has been touted as a genius), no other Quincy seems to have mastered reishi manipulation to this degree. Also his schrift J "the jail" could take Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho in bankai form and would have probably kept him locked up for an indefinite amount of time if it wasn't for Ichigo's bloodline. Just imagine him going around the battlefield absorbing any shinigami who came close constantly adding to his power.

  15. for me personally, Opie is honestly the perfect introduction to the Quincy threat, he's strong, has a cool set of powers, and has a really striking character design, The only issue I have is that I wish he was more of a Recurring character.

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