1. I like Shinji's Sakanade and because you already put Kisuke's Bankai I'll say Kyoraku's Katen Kyokotsu Karamatsu Shinju

  2. I think the design of wabisuke leaves a lot to desire, but I do like the simplicity of the shikai’s ability/how cleverly it can be used.

  3. Favourite shikai? Either Kyokasuigetsu or Katen kyokotsu. As for bankai, I loved Yama's bankai. It really seemed basically unstoppable unless you had bankai stealing abilities(but you have to be as powerful as Yhwach to control it) or have hax based abilities like almighty or Ichimonji to even counter it. Zanka no tachi is really the epitome of pure power

  4. My favourite Shikai is either Sode no Shirayuki or Kyoka Suigetsu as for Bankai I would say Urahara's or Azashiro's.

  5. I really love Kazeshini and Wabisuke and there philosophies! For Kazeshini, also the duality of the nature of its abilities (without getting into detail for spoilers)

  6. shikai would be raika, amagai’s (filler). simple but really cool design, and it sounds like a car engine.

  7. I like Rukia's shikai design. Of course a strong shikai. I don't know about her Bankai, but when it comes to shinigami powers in bleach, my favorite character is Rukia.

  8. You mean you haven't seen her bankai or you don't know if you like it or not. Her bankai is awesome and it'll be 1000x better when animated.

  9. Shikai I gotta go with Katen Kyokotsu the abbility is really fun and the design is amazing Bankai FullBring Tensa Zangetsu the shape of the sword is really cool I love it

  10. Kyoraku. I like that his Shikai/Bankai exhibit his seemingly Playful and methodical sides in war. Also the nice contrast to Yama's Bankai making everyone feel the heat while Kyoraku's makes everyone feel the chills. Just all around cool

  11. Honestly with the way zanpaktos are supposed to be a representation/reflection of its soul reaper, Soi Fons Shikai and bankai do that perfectly. But my favorite shikai is Zangetsu, and my favorite bankai is either Zanka no tachi or Hakka no Togame

  12. For shikai, I think I like Shunsui's the most. For Bankai, it's probably either Hutsugaya's or Renji's

  13. My favourite shikai is probably Shunsui’s since I find it so creative. I think it’s one of Kubo’s best work and designs. I also like how it incorporates the innocence of childrens games but the violent intent of a soul reaper captain. My favourite bankai, probably Byakuya just because it’s a classic.

  14. Toughie of a question Shikai: Zangetsu, Sode No Shiraiyuki and Haineko Bankai: Tensa Zangestu, Yamamotos (name ain't coming to me right now lol) and Number 1- Hazel Fernandes

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