1. We honestly can't tell. The Royal Guard that weren't present in the first invasion were Pernida, Gerard, Lillie, and maybe that one two tounged guy. Among them we don't really have enough information on their pre Aushwehlen power levels and abilities to judge how they'd stack up to the captains. I mean Askin, a character present for the first and second invasions, was the only one capable of reacting to Oetsu's blitz before Aushwehlen, but following Aushwehlen Lillie effectively blitzed Oetsu and most of the rest of Squad Zero by himself which implies a pretty major power up.

  2. At the time of the first Invasion, the Zero Division is explicitly stronger than the whole of the Gotei. Tenjiro alone is faster than Soi Fon and a better healer(And possibly stronger) than Unohana.

  3. Yama is the only one who would survive and if Yuha let them fight him they would all be defeated as he is stronger than all of them. But what is a victory when you've lost all your subordinates. Now post SK palace Royal guard is probably a different story.

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