1. That extra ryuuken scene makes me a bit excited, maybe it means the story won’t be rushed to crap like in the manga.

  2. The scenes are from episode 1 & 2. Which were pre screened in Japan today. The ones who went said it was movie level quality.

  3. The key is to not get your hopes on every single episode looking this good. Only the important episodes and fights. Keep expectations in check.

  4. the whole series doesnt need to be sakuga fest, only the key moments need the extra effort. having that said i think they wouldnt make bleach a slide show.

  5. This actually reminds that the animation and art for the new season (FINALLY!) of “The Devil is a Part-timer” is REALLY touched-up and up-to-date !!! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! TWO ANIME LIKE THIS IN ONE YEAR!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  6. Yamamoto's vice captain getting impaled on the Quincy arrow... that's more devastating seeing than it was in the manga.

  7. The first two episodes (where they used footage for this trailer) already look and feel better than the manga.

  8. Yo that new content with uryu and his dad. Nice to see some interaction between the two that wasn’t in the manga

  9. We say this, but the later half of Shippuden DID have some of the best fights of the show. Especially Kakashi's and the final one.

  10. Cannot express just how excited I am for this. Bleach was the story that got me into anime and I’ve stuck with it ever since elementary. So excited and grateful to finally see this.

  11. Holy shit I was NOT ready for this! Did anyone know they were gonna drop a trailer today? I just woke up and this popped up on YouTube. Today's already great!

  12. That remake of 'On the Precipice of Defeat' sounds so good! Can't wait to hear all the OSTs that the new anime will bring... SO. FREAKING. HYPED!!

  13. Jugram's voice is so intimidating. Bazz B's is exactly what I expected, same as Kagami's from Kuroko's Basketball. That Ikkaku and Yumichika scene was animated so incredibly.

  14. This trailer got it all! Getsuga tensho, Bankai and the og soundtrack with a little bit of remix touch(?). The animation looks really fucking good! And new original anime scenes. Too good, just what we deserve!

  15. This looks even better than I could’ve anticipated! It gives me hope that this arc will really be amazing fully animated, and I can’t wait to see both of the incredible Captain Commander fights we get in this arc. October can’t come soon enough!

  16. bro everytime i hear new yama voice actor im convinced they just cloned the old voice actor, they sounds just like each other. also that precipice of defeat remake is pure quincy fire. shiru sagisu never dissapoints.

  17. This looks amazing! I can't wait for it to finally be October so we can watch this in all its glory! So hyped for the extra Ryuken scenes

  18. I'm fucking crying rn man. Waited a decade for this and I can't contain my excitement anymore. Fucking hell I wish it was October already.

  19. Like half of those Uryu scenes were not in the manga. Also love that Ryuken is getting some actual presence in this arc. I'm so excited.

  20. Bro it’s been 10 years. I’m so ready. I remember watching Bleach weekly. I haven’t read the manga so I get to have a fresh experience as well

  21. And just 1 year after the manga ended in 2016! So it was true, they were waiting on the manga to finish, bleach was never cancelled

  22. It's a poem from a two part extra chapter that Kubo drew. I think it's called Bleach 0 side-A and 0 side-B and they are scenes of the perspective of Ichigo and Rukia moments before the events of the first chapter. At the end of side-A, Ichigo wishes for a strong blade to shatter fate, which is kind of symbolic with how he ends up willing to beat Yhwach, the man who basically controls fate.

  23. The Uryu and Ryuken interaction is definitely an anime exclusive one, right? I don't remember an interaction in the manga.

  24. As expected for being the Big 3. Animation needs to be top tier for waiting 10 years. I hope we get to see Quincy massacring the Hollows with that beginning scene.

  25. It is so wild how much the animation has improved over the past 10 years. Don't get me wrong, Bleach has always had a wonderful style and color scheme, but this new animation and color scheme is much more impressive and beautiful than any in the movies, let alone the show.

  26. So is this arc going to add 2 seasons to the series? I didn’t see any scenes of the zero squad or yhwach body guards. That part can take up a season all on its own.

  27. I like how the use dark filter and contrast color in this final adaptation. It's make the atmosphere feels more intense. Making it feels more war like situation in every scene.

  28. The animation looks absolutely amazing and the art style was the perfect choice for this arc. Can’t wait to see it on October 10th!

  29. Damn I’m 95% done with an amv of the trailers we had. Now I’m not sure whether to add these scenes in or not. 😢

  30. Genuinely haven't had chills like this from something in a while. Iconic isn't even enough to describe how amazing this is gonna be 🔥

  31. I don’t remember that auschwallen scene that early in the arc, as far as we’ve seen it looks like everything in the trailer is from the first 30 or so chapters of the arc, but from what I remember we don’t see Yhwach use auschwallen like that until the soul palace, right?

  32. Uryu and Ryuuken scene was something that really was missing in the manga. I don't know however if that will end up making the anime adaptation even worse when Uryu ends up doing nothing but fire that arrow at the end.

  33. Quality is amazing.. even got the chills watching this. I see a few scenes that weren't in the manga so I'm really glad they decided on extended fights

  34. Shivers down my spine... The remix of one of the classic bits of background OST early on put a massive smile on my face too :)

  35. Question: How are they approaching this adaptation? Since the manga’s completed, no need for fillers(thank god for no more of infamous Bleach fillers) or any pacing issues, so are they gonna adapt it straight? Like seasonal animes? What’s the approach here?

  36. It looks absolutely amazing. This is definitely my anime of the year. Shiro Sagisu put in work with the OST remix. Such eerie and ambient track turning into this high orchestral piece of grand music. Fitting this large scale event that's about to unfold. Stunning.

  37. Outstanding animation here oh my god. Also that remixed version of 'On the Precipice of Defeat' is such a banger! October will be a great month for anime fans

  38. Fucking looks smooth as hell, damn we get Bleach back and chainsaw man anime, and roof piece popping this winter.

  39. Something the old anime was not good at was translating the cinematic nature of Kubos drawings on screen. This looks like its doing a great job of that for sure. i havent thought much about bleach since it ended but i might actually check this out!

  40. The scene with Kira towards the middle caught be by surprise, the animation on his eyes was amazing. I can’t wait to see this arc animated!

  41. I don't know if it's been released, but how much is being done? Is the whole TYBW being animated or is it like 20 episodes then a break/filler then another 20

  42. Maybe I’m biased but this could be the best adaptation I’ve ever seen. Right now, that award goes to Eighty-Six but man am I hyped

  43. Apologies if it’s been answered but I can’t seem to find when the dub will potentially be released. Anybody got an answer for that? I’m guessing Novemberish

  44. Those scenes between Uryuu and his Dad didn't appear in the manga right? So they are new, original content right? You've no idea how glad I am for that. They were both done so dirty in the fucking Quincy arc.

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