1. Gin seems pretty much on par with the higher level captains except for the one feat of him disintegrating Hogyoku-ascended Aizen with his bankai. That's extremely impressive. I don't see a majority of Sternritter being able to boast durability better than Aizen. But because of that, I think it is solely based on who he can get one clean shot on.

  2. The issue too is if gin prepared and honed his bankai for this fight or not the way that toshiro trained. It's feasible to think gin may have learned to dissolve his sword and disintegrate multiple targets at once. Combine that with his swords ability to stretch and he could theoretically wipe everyone out at once....if he trained for it

  3. Hot take but with the right shot I believe he could kill askin with his poison before askin gets used to it considering it was strong enough to deliver a huge blow to transcendent aizen who I believe would have died of it weren't for the immortality

  4. Many of them. The captains were always significantly stronger than the normal sternritter in my opinion. That is why they needed the bankai stealing medallions to gain an early upper hand. That was why there were 26 sternritter to take on just 12 captains. Without bankai, the captains got crushed. With Bankai, the captains could overkill them.

  5. Would Gremmy even know he was in danger against Gins bankai until it was to late though. Close range going off without warning before the fights even started would 1 shot him

  6. > The captains were always significantly stronger than the normal sternritter in my opinion. That is why they needed the bankai stealing medallions to gain an early upper hand

  7. Everyone except the Schutzstaffel and maybe Gremmy. In other words he could beat people like Mask, Bambi As Nodt and MAYBE Bazz B but would be toasted by anyone higher.

  8. I think he beats most of the non immortals. His bankai is nearly impossible to dodge close range and he’s definitely the upper 6 captains in power and ability. He’s intelligent and knows how to throw his opponents off there game mentally.

  9. How does Gin beat Bambi? Gin is not dodging her bombs. The dog had an immortal ability or she wouldn't whooped dog captain 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. I feel like Gin could take out a good portion of them as he would probably would be smart enough not to fall for the Bankai plunder thing since he actually thinks things through and is cautious ,I’ve always wished he was around for the TYBW arc

  11. By nature of Askin’s powers, I think Gin’s Bankai would be ineffective. He could just make himself immune to the poison in it. However Gin could probably still kill him the old-fashioned way with a pierce to the head or something

  12. Pernida the hand of god ? Askin the guy who was defeating urahara and yoruichi at the same time? That would have defeated Nimaiya if not for tenjiro bath water ? Gin was struggling against hollow mask ichigo, he's not touching Bambi or Bazz b let alone the elites

  13. He can take every stern ritter except the Schuzstaffel, Yhwach and maybe Accutrone because he's fast. He can even one shot kill Uryuu and Haschwalth.

  14. Gin is one of the weakest Captains if we talk about Post Ts. He's not beating any of them. He's fodder, just like Soi fon, pre rg Byakuya, Komamura and Kid Toshiro, Ukitake, pre training Base Zaraki, The Espada, non FB Bankai or Dangai Ichigo, and Yoruichi.

  15. As Nodt yes . Bazz B maybe . Gremmy no , boy is dumb but it took several seconds for his bankai to be in effect . Seconds that Gremmy could use to say my body can reject your poison

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