1. Harribel because I feel like there’s a lot potential of her and her fraccion being rulers of heuco Mundo. Giselle, i enjoyed every time he’s on screen and his interaction with the other femritters was enjoyable.

  2. Nnoitra for his battle craziness and his "in a fight, everything goes. There's nothing like fairness" attitude.

  3. Starrk and Robert. I like characters that use guns, I like seeing Kyoraku fight, and Robert was one of the few Sternritter to not have a profoundly stupid name.

  4. I have a couple favorite Espada & 3 favorite Sternritter. I'm sorry for not being able to pick just one of each.

  5. I think everyone will understand when I say that my favourite Espada and Sternritter is the exact opposite of yours

  6. i can easily tell you Grimmjow is my favorite Espada but Sternritters ... i almost don't give a fuck i comparison honestly i did liked As Nodt and Bazz-B even Gerard a little but most are just used and done with so fast that they're comparable with Zomari and Aroneiro in how little screen time they got

  7. mustache guy in the espada and mustache guy in the sternritters (forgot names but they have great mustaches)

  8. Grimmjow and if I had to pick a sternritter, probably Uryu or maybe Bazz. I've yet to read it as I'm still waiting for the second boxset to restock so I can finally read it all.

  9. Grimmjow and either As Nodt or Askin.. As Nodt cuz he probably has one of the coolest looking forms (Tartar foras) and Askin cuz he has one of the coolest abilities as well as his personality

  10. I don't have a very favorite character because there are more than one that i like, but I guess Stark and As Nodt are good ones

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