1. Yeah, pretty much. But, I think the arrancar version of him is actually weaker than the one ikomikidomoe fought (considering barragan got one shot by aizen… and shinigami aizen isn't really on a threat level where squad zero really gave a shit about him, anyways).

  2. I think its widely accepted that it was a case of bullshit or that moment happened when the captains was under KS's illusion. If what you said is legit, then prime Ywach would not be affected by KS unless you want to say Aizen was stronger than fully awakened Ywach.

  3. Barragan in his first form slows down time around him so he can react to attacks. Anybody who’s fast enough can bypass that and hit him before he can react

  4. In theory he could stand a chance against Yhwach and Yamamoto specially since his resurreccion can counter both Tenka no Kaichi and the Almighty:

  5. I think he’d beat most captains. He was having bo trouble with Soi fon. He was clearly high captain tier. His respira was one thing but any physical attack is also reduced greatly in proximity to him.

  6. He'd fall off around Gerard or lille I think. I'm not sure if respira would work against Lille, but I think Gerard would miracle out of it. I don't know about Askin since a respira to the heart would kill him but would he pull it off before the death dealing made Askin immune?

  7. Kurotsuchi would easily one shot Barragan though. He has modified his body so much that he might actually be immune to age, and he would send a type of bacteria that feeds on reiatsu and multiplies towards Barragan’s respira

  8. Not definable, you can argue that he could beat any character because of how op he is, Some would argue he can beat yhwach, my bet is probably base kenpachi because barragon has that iq

  9. With the exception of the like of Aizen/Urahara or Yama (or some smart fighter, preferably able to counter attack efficiently) I don't think any captain at FKT can take Barragan on.

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