1. Yeah. Pre Almighty Yhwach seems to cap out around Bankai Yamamoto level physically (you do need to scale at least somewhat to a character to steal a Bankai apparently), and TYBW Aizen is simply beyond the limits of Shinigami. Hell he seemed pretty close to Shikai Yamamoto back in his Shinigami form, and now he's undergone something like five greater than Bankai transformations.

  2. Definitely though not easily. His reiatsu forcefield and durability would be difficult to penetrate and his kyouka suigetsu provides too much of a distraction; in fact I think he could prove a difficult opponent for post Almighty.

  3. I'd say Aizen still wins, since Ywhach doesn't have the Soul King's immortality, just the immortality afforded to him by the Almighty, which is vulnerable to Kyoka Suigetsu. Also Aizen is able to casually crush the Soul King's reiatsu with his own.

  4. It’s weird, based on feats I would say yes absolutely TYBW Aizen would beat pre-fully awakened Yhwach but then why would Yhwach seriously go to Aizen to try and recruit him? He wouldn’t have risked recruiting someone like Aizen who could whoop his ass at that point in time, unless there’s something else Yhwach could’ve subjected Aizen to to secure his loyalty.

  5. I mean correct me if I am wrong but pre Almighty Yhwach was getting bullied by Ichibei and Arrancar arc Aizen was confident in facing the whole royal guard which includes Ichibei and 4 other top tier Shinigami (not on Ichibeis level but still top tier) and this Aizen is supposedly weaker then TYBW Aizen. If all this is correct then Aizen should stomp TBH (well stomp is probably too much but he should be able to win definitely).

  6. Aizen prolly loses against ichibei but you are right. Aizen completely wrecks og ywatch (not sk) even with almighty (cus aizen can interfere with almighty)

  7. Considering how easily Ichibei was smacking him around I doubt Aizen would have much trouble.

  8. Imo Pre Almighty Yhwach was losing to all 5 War Potentials in following Order: 1.Ichigo (If we consider his real Bankai) 2. Aizen 3. Ichibe 4. Zaraki (Bankai) 5. Urahara (maybe, He might lose , don't get me wrong, he got loads of hacks and his Bankai is super broken but imo he doesn't have enough firepower); Another List: 1. Aizen 2. Ichibe 3. Ichigo (Zangetsu Bankai+Hollowfication) 4. Urahara 5. Zaraki (Pre-Unohana training) In this list Ichigo is in the same boat as Urahara since he got Durability and Strength and Speed but no Hacks

  9. Easily and so can true zangetsu Ichigo. They would destroy him 1v1. The only reason he beat Yama was because of the bs that is bankai steal

  10. He's like the second strongest character in all of Bleach so yeah, unless Yhwach just awakens the almighty midfight like vs Ichibei

  11. Pre Allmighty Yhwach probably loses to every version of Aizen. Now other characters that could beat him pre Almightin that point in time I think he would only lose to Aizen, Ichibei, Oetsu and Yamamoto (if he does not steal the bankai).

  12. Yup. Also, I might be misremembering, but even after the chair is destroyed, Aizen is still partially sealed right? With the eye patch etc, he’s still in the kido surprising clothes isn’t he?

  13. I mean...one's immortal and the other isn't since he doesn't have the Almighty hax to alter futures where he's died...

  14. Eventually, with Aizen’s ass, its only a matter of “when”, not “if”. An immortal with perfect hypnosis? Pre-Almighty Yhwach was a beast, but he just ain’t beating that.

  15. I'mma be honest.. I think Aizen could probably beat Yhwach even with his Almighty.. Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu works on him and he is completely immortal so he can never really lose and we know he just passively gains power over time because of how much stronger he got while sealed to the chair so he could just eventually surpass Yhwach in strength and power.. the only weakness would be sealing him.. which if he is constantly using Kyoka Suigetsu then it will be hard to seal him.. I could be wrong tho

  16. Yes cus kyouka suigetsu is strong against original ywatch (not soul king). Plus ywatchs reiatsu isn't unlimited like soul king so limited future altering. I'd say aizen wins against og ywatch even with almighty since he can hinter the abilities of almighty with ka(as seen in ywatch vs aizen). But for this argument.... Yes aizen 100% definitely beats original ywatch without reality altering abilities

  17. No because Yhwatch could still absorb the powers of the sternritters. If he absorbs Gerard, Lille and Gremmy, Aizen can't win

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