1. Lol, so people thought a short barrel, black powder pistol needed to be crowned right or it might not be accurate? What a bunch of water heads…. That barrel is so short half the powder won’t burn up before the round is out of it and the barrel is so short it could be match grade and twenty feet away a target would still look like someone was shooting a shotgun at it with open choke from half a football field away…. ignore the haters who don’t understand the simple engineering and internal/external ballistics involved in black powder weaponry… lol, crowning a three inch BP pistol barrel! HA! Ignore the haters and keep being you!

  2. Right on but actually most of the powder does burn up and it's 3 1\2 inch and it still puts a nasty hole through a steel door at 40 ft same size as a 12 gauge slug from a 870

  3. Looks pretty sweet to me! I see these are loaded and on what appears to be a nightstand. Are these self defense handguns for you?

  4. Nah on the way outside to fire . Not that I wouldn't tho I carry the little one out in the car often. 30 grn of pyro-p under a ww under a .457 Speer rndbl isn't anything anyone who knows anything wants to get hit with. I havent had a malfunction for a very long time I maintain all my guns myself and I fabricate most of my parts myself. Music wire springs ,and I use sawzall blades that I grind into shape as mainspring. Nipple pick nipple pick. And I normally use the hammer to seat my caps every time and I definitely use fingernail topcoat to paint them on as a final touch

  5. Well that's one way to light a camp fire. Looks like fun. I was thinking about something similar with a 1858 navy.

  6. I'm not sure that the .36 would be a effective belly gun. But I could be wrong. I have a .36 with a 5 inch barrel and it lacks what I like to refer to as thud

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