1. .replica 31 cal Remington pocket pistol. I'm fairly sure that is supposed to fire with 4fg black powder. But I myself have never seen any in any store I've ever been to. I don't know if it would achieve it's full potential if you fed it pyrodex p which is 3fg but if it were mine I would surely try. probly worth a solid 300 at least. Considering the times even in brass and even though it's asm who is long out of business. Don't stress the internals because you won't easily find asm parts and any parts you find won't be cheap and substitute parts won't fit correct and will need smithed by you or someone else to be fit

  2. I inherited this little guy a while ago, and its been sitting in the safe ever sense. Its marked "CVA" in the brass frame, and "ASM BLACK POWDER ONLY MADE IN ITALY" on the barrel. Hoping to get some info on what it is exactly, as well as an approximate value.

  3. That would be a replica of a 1863 pocket remington with a brass frame, sold by CVA which If I recall correctly don't make there own guns they just sell rebranded Peitta or Uberti. Here is a link to one.

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