1. buddy i take pieces of scrap metal out to my garage and use a bench grinder to make most of my parts hell i take used sawzall blades and grind them into revolver mainsprings

  2. A real machine will make pretty much anything you can afford. And that's the issue. Toolmakers don't come cheap. And designing is almost always an iterative process. You will make multiple design changes as you test the design and will need to pay for each change. A custom designed and made rifle might well push $10,000 to create.

  3. Agreed. The problem is that there are, cosmetically, things that can be done with aluminum that can’t be done with steel. I am hoping that I can make all the visible parts out of aluminum and then use steel springs….

  4. I actually made some parts with CNC machines out of steel so I could have rust browned parts instead of brass. I did it myself when I was in college. If you go to a machine shop it would cost a lot of money for just one part.

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