1. Story time. These things all all over my woods for whatever reason. This one happened to find it's way onto my rifle and then it spooked me by crawling into my hand(I don't like spiders, saw Arachnophobia when I was too young, but I like these things). I had just started still hunting and after seeing this thought, "you know what, a shooting stick might not be a bad idea". So I went back and grabbed a proper walking staff branch near my cabin. Late in the afternoon right as I'm giving up and heading back, here comes Ms. Doe up the old logging road about 40 yards ahead. I let her pass b/w me and some trees before I raise the rifle and set it on the stick. She took two solid minutes before coming back out from those trees. No way I could have held this 10 lbs metal smoke pole up for that long and still gotten such a clean shot. Right through her heart.

  2. Also, big thanks to everyone that gave me advice on this rifle on here a few months ago. She's quite reliable now.

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