1. So not sure what you’re using but, if you’re using vinegar like I did, heads up. As it Oxidizes to give it that pimp patina look, vinegar also removes copper from the brass making it brittle. Now it depends on how much you remove and how much you leave it in there. Long story short, broke my trigger guard on my griswold had to get Another. :finger guns:

  2. Perhaps they want patinas because they aren’t so shiny and distracting then ? Especially for movies this could be important

  3. This is really going to depend on the situation of the person/unit one is trying to reenact. Carrying a firearm every day and then using it fairly often vastly accelerates the wear, especially cosmetic, that the firearm (or sword for that matter) experiences. So even 3 to 6 months into a campaign gear would start looking quite used, and that's assuming everything they had was new at the start of the campaign and not old stock that was reissued. Also my understanding is that the finishes on these older weapons was far more fragile than that on modern guns and tended to wear off much faster than you would see today.

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