1. Any time he "puts a ball in his pocket" he's just palming it. And any time his pinky is curled he's hiding a ball in that hand about to sneak it into a cup. There's more, but that's the basics that happen over and over.

  2. When he puts the cups down at the very beginning (after the demonstration), the cup in his right hand does not go over the ball. He palms it.

  3. He brings each cup back towards his body and throws another object in before slamming the cup back down on the table

  4. Is cups and balls really black magic fuckery tho? There’s a version of it on here most days. It’s a published trick.

  5. It’s not that the trick is easy to spot, it’s that THIS IS NOT BLACK MAGIC FUCKERY. Please post content of this kind to

  6. I mean honestly though, it's literally just a cups and balls routine. This is one of the oldest routines ever. The sub is called "blackmagicfuckery", not "the same magic routine you've seen 100 times before except much easier because it's a static perspective phone video and not in person. "

  7. Once you understand this trick you can see all the moves be does to sneak the balls in, but it's still impressive as fuck how smoothly he does it

  8. I have a friend who can do some pretty amazing sleight of hand card tricks. Just some really cool-looking stuff. One day he just randomly decided to tell me how he did one of his routines and showed me a bunch of the tricks (I specifically remember the double lift) and then explained how they all went together to create the illusion. My mind was blown way more after knowing how it worked. The sheer amount of practice and ingenuity involved was much more impressive than suspending my disbelief and pretending it was "magic"

  9. I can get how he's secretly keeping balls in his hand but I can't for some reason figure out how he's putting them under the cups when he does

  10. The easiest tell for me, especially with the first disappearance, was to focus where on the green felt the cup was landing each time.

  11. Turn off the sound. Take note of his ring and little finger each time the container was opened and/or closed. He's pretty fast at it, but the ball is noticeable.

  12. He starts out with three balls. For the first trick, he places the cup in front of the ball and grabs it, so the ball on the left ends up in his hand, not on under the cup. His hand on the right (which is holding the third ball) loads the extra ball into the cup on the right.

  13. The balls are soft and if you look really well he is picking them up and putting them back with his pinky and ring finger, slight of hand

  14. I can totally understand the way he does the balls trick, he slams the cups in front of the balls sometimes and he uses his small and pinky to conceal them. But where the fuck did he pull out the apple and tenis ball from.

  15. He has front pockets in his hoodie. He pulls the items out of the pockets, presses the cup against his body, slides the item in and holds it in place with one or two fingers as he sets it on the table. Play in slo-mo and you can see it.

  16. they are squishy and when watching his hands you can tell when he hides them in his closed pinkey and ring finger. hes really good with misdirection.

  17. Is nobody else sick of these damn "keep your eye on the cup" dhit lately? Why has this particular kind of content been spamming my feed

  18. Seen this trick live at The Magic Castle right in my face. Still mind blowing. I'll add that the version I saw had the guy also end up pouring lemonade out of one of the cups.

  19. It’s super weird how his ring and pinky finger are always tucked into his palm, I wonder what that’s about.

  20. the issue he has is he's putting the balls down too close to the camera, so when he puts the cup in front of the ball (not on it) it's more obvious than it should be. He's quick and his palming is pretty good. I've just seen too many of these not to watch his hand position. Also dropping the ball behind the cup to make it look like it's going through, it's not centered, so i can see the side of the ball on the side of the bottom of the cup, since it's narrower. Full points though since i can't do any of this, not even badly.

  21. just good ol' sleight of hand and perfect timing. He's particularly good at it but you can catch the points when he inserts the larger objects.

  22. His bottom two fingers are curled and are holding balls in his hand. Slightly better magicians can do it by just their palm.

  23. Imo the cup and ball routine is maybe the best piece of magic. Nearly every magician has their own version of it, they are all a little bit different, and it really shows off the creativity of the magician.

  24. Those cups sure go under the table alot! Who has a grocery store under the table!? Black. Magic.

  25. He has three balls from the beginning, one under each cup and another in his hand. At the end he just reaches into his pocket and throws the last items in.

  26. At 6 seconds it looks like you can see the extra ball in the left cup, and then a moment later you can see him grasping the ball that was under the right cup with his pinky to make it “disappear”

  27. This guy is very good. Buddy of mine used to be good friends with a magician, not like a really well known guy, but he used to perform regularly at the Magic Castle. Anyway, he has his own version of this trick and man, the slight of hand work they do is fantastic. If you ever get the opportunity, go see some magic like this up close, I highly recommend it.

  28. Standard cups and balls with two cups. Pure sleight of hand, including the impossible load at the end, and done very well. (I know some magicians in real life and this is a classic illusion)

  29. Damn. Magicians talking weirdly fast and doing stupid shit to distract you from seeing their tricks is garbage entertainment.

  30. The palming can use work, it's painting obvious when his lower two fingers are holding a ball and when they're relaxed. Needs to make those hands consistent!

  31. Dude doesn't put the cups over the balls, it's in front of them, and grabs the balls and drops them with high dexterity fingers. There is no magic folks

  32. This dudes sleight of hand is so crisp. The way he palms those balls is perfect. This is not the first time this man has cupped some balls.

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