1. Elora added to the list. I named him Spyro after the game actually from PS1. It was one of the first I ever played on that console as a kid with my cousin who passed away 4 years ago, we were pretty close. We’d stay up nights just playing and taking turns. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Luna? Old friend of mine had a very calm loving little void named Luna and she was an absolute blessing to be around.

  3. What a beautiful Void thank you for taking her in and give her a forever home your a hero in my eyes and taking in your brother to

  4. sorry for late reply. No they didn’t, she was so scared of him. He is still acting territorial I think, they would be calm for hours and suddenly he’d attack her and they make scary noises, less hisses though which occurred every time ( 99% of the time he’d do it ). From what I have observed he’s the one initiating the attacks, they seem like they are playing but then they start making the noise that makes me worried. People told me its normal but i’m still afraid one will eventually give the other a serious injury or even worse. I love them both and it’ll be hard to let her go to another home.

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