1. For me, those symptoms would indicate I'm in a mixed episode. I'm usually easily overstimulated and quick to anger, but don't have enough energy or depression to be in a full hypomanic or depressive episode. Through journalling & mood tracking, I've found that anger/overstimulation is a MAJOR indicator I'm in a mixed episode.

  2. I used to mood track when I was in therapy but my therapist upset with something she sad and dropped her that was like 3 months ago still haven’t found a new therapist nor has the anger gone away..

  3. No insight just can empathize. When I get in depressive episodes being quick to anger is one of my traits. I have to exercise 3-4 times a week, eat healthy, and sleep well every night in addition to meds and therapy or I can’t even hope to stay stable.

  4. I can relate. I get mixed episodes too and get very overstimulated, which leads to irritability and uncontrollable rage. Don't even get me started on chewing noises!!! I've recently been exploring autism and how I might be autistic as well. That is a whole other journey of self discovery and so much research, but overstimulation is a giant part of autism. Anyways...

  5. My friend has terrible depression. I know when she’s becoming sympathetic because she can’t stand her husband chewing.

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