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  2. I generally believe in all of the large Bigfoot like creatures reported around the world. The Orang Pendek and the Rock Apes of Vietnam are also very believable IMO.

  3. I encountered a sasquatch in the northern cascade mountains last August. I was fully a believer and had wanted to see one so badly, and when i did, it completely changed my life.

  4. See I'm so torn about sea monsters because they always seem to be the generic plesiosaurs that we 100% know died out, but with how gosh darn big the ocean is and how many people claim to see something I don't really know what to think. Know when they are claiming to see something that isn't a prehistoric animal I usually believe it more especially when it makes biological sense

  5. I also believe that there are dinosaurs in the Congo. It was one of the few places in the world untouched by an Ice Age.

  6. In some lakes, huge sturgeon fish can seam like a massive sea serpent/monster. They have been found to be up to 3,400 lbs and 24' long.

  7. Well there's a good deal of cryptids that seem to be related to Sasquatch,and a good deal that seem to be other large primates yet to be discovered. I'd think the ones more like Sasquatch could in fact be "ethnic" variations of squatch

  8. My son and i saw a Sasquatch in Michigan from less than ten feet away, it was taller than me while on all fours I’m six one, standing had to be 11’-12’. My thoughts were it looks just like the gigantopithicus statue in the museum, like a orangutan and a man mixed, i sensed by how it looked at us that it was intelligent, just curious because we were miles into the forest at 3 a.m. couldn’t tell if it wanted to kill us or just check us out. Creepiest part was it was crawling on it’s belly to get up close to us and didn’t make the slightest sound, my son noticed eye shine “amber color” and i looked and it rose up slowly and deliberately till erect on all fours. It was about five feet wide at the shoulder, reddish brown fir, conical head about foot and a half two feet wide, no neck, giant trapezius muscles, arms were as long or longer than it’s legs, and it’s arms were bigger than my waist, absolutely massive, ive seen ronnie Coleman, lou ferigno, and arnold swarzennegger, all in person and them all put together don’t equal this things arms. It’s chest was so thick it was like easily four feet deep from pectoral to lats. And to make it all weirder at the time we were actually shining a laser pointer at a ufo we saw while stargazing and it was responding to our blinking laser when my son noticed the Sasquatch, I don’t know if they are linked, but it’s one hell of a coincidence.

  9. I remember hearing somewhere that the current "Deep Sea" biome is missing 6-7 "Big" critters. I can't remember if it was due to the fossil record not having niches filled, or what. I just recall a Marine Biologist saying as much.

  10. I can 100% see there being some sort of big eel species I mean after watching river monsters I don't really know how to feel about the fresh water

  11. I’m of the belief that any evidence of the Thylacine is suppressed as much as possible. I think there might be a handful out there but until there is a noticeably large population I think they will remain “extinct”

  12. Ehhhh if it’s a freakishly giant eel, then I still need to see this eel. Some species get big but idk about “monster” big. That in its own right is still a cryptid. You just replaced a cryptid with another cryptid imo. How big are these eels?

  13. I think that quite a few cryptids are likely real but I mostly stick to cryptids based on known animals and ones that are reported from very remote areas.

  14. Pterosaurs in various places around the world, thylacines and big cats (possibly thylacoleo) in Australia

  15. I’m open to “thunderbirds” if they’re in remote places like Alaska. Teratorn fossils date back as recently as 10,000 years ago, not that long.

  16. When my husband was about ten he actually saw a strange cryptid near some caves in PA. It came down from a very tall pine tree near him around dusk. It was smooth skinned, tall, big eyes, and the legs were the weirdest part. The thigh was short and bent forward, the calf was really long and bent backwards.

  17. I honestly believe that there's numerous cryptids/humanoid creatures that are inter dimensional. I try to find the most legitimacy explanation so to speak when I read about all the different encounters people have had and that's really the most practical explanation that my mind can come up with. I believe that they live in a different realm that we, as humans, don't fully have access too. It would make sense has to how many of them stay under the radar they do. For the most part that is

  18. I agree with you word for word. I believe much of what we see is inter dimensional. Government would of course cover it up. People would be terrified if they knew Bigfoot was real, that they weren't the apex predator. Think of all the land that would become protected habitat. Say goodbye to lots of logging.

  19. Yes. Limitless ones. The reason for this is that the Sasquatch Phenomenon is paranormal in nature and related to the in goings at Skin Walker Ranch. At that place, new entities we're seen all the time, like it was able to shape shift. The same thing are reported with Sasquatch, have been for hundreds of years amongst the native people, and there are even videos that show aspects of this (Barb Shupe cloaker and Dan Shirley red eye shine).

  20. I do believe that some cryptids might exist but there are some that I think just Don't make any sense at all and don't exist.

  21. How to tell when somebody is new to the subject 😝. Yes, I'm fairly certain that pretty much every cryptid is or was real at some time. Including minotaurs, fairies, deer men and alligator men.

  22. I'm not sure if ghosts are considered Cryptids, but I believe in ghosts. Never seen one or had any spooky experience, but I know enough people that I completely trust that have had one that I can no longer doubt the issue.

  23. There are numerous lake and ocean monsters around the world that don’t resemble logs, sturgeon, or gargantuan eels, a number of these were sighted by boat captains that are familiar with what belongs there.

  24. Yeti, though I think they are likely the same genus as Bigfoot. Proof of one raises the likelihood the other exists massively.

  25. Mothman i dunno if I’d call it a cryptid as it’s more of a one high strangeness event but I still contend that people saw the mothman

  26. It certainly makes you more open to what could be real if an animal as large as the Sasquatch could roam around undetected this long.

  27. I defo believe in Bigfoot and Rock Apes, also some large unknown aquatic creatures and Jba Ofi, who are giant african spiders.

  28. I’ve not saw Wendigo listed yet. Several stories of finding them throughout native texts all the way to modern day.

  29. I think Sasquatch and other large primates like the Yeti, the Ohio Grossman, and the Skunk Ape could be real. The Rock Apes of Vietnam have already been proven to exist and have been categorized as a type of Orangutan. I could be mistaken on the type of great ape but I read an article on them that said that they had been discovered by the Vietnamese Army and a team of international biologists back in the late 80's early 90's. As far as other cryptids being real I have a hard time believing that the Chupacabra, Lizardman, Batsqautch, Sheepsqautch, Jersey Devil, Dover Demon, or the Honey Island Monster are real.

  30. Yes a lot of them actually. This is a big strange world we live in. Dogmen most likely. I believe in the Mothman as well. Probably the Jersey Devil. Certain lake monsters. So many others as well

  31. Absolutely... Dogman for sure, and some more like skinwalkers... And things who are not cryptids like ghosts, shadow people etc...

  32. Pterosaurs and dinosaurs. I personally don't believe in evolution or that the world is as old as they say it is, so I strongly believe they aren't completely extinct.

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