1. Do you have a mirror? Mine had no problems with his main car seat but HATED the backup one in my car and eventually I figured out that it was because I didn't have a mirror in my car. Might not help but if you don't have one then it might be worth a shot!

  2. It took my baby 17 months before he would stop screaming every minute inside a car seat. He just didn’t like it. My older child had no issues from day 1. Every kid is different.

  3. Lots of infants don’t like them for multiple reasons. Most grow out of it. In our case we ended up switching to convertible seat around 5 months. Infant bucket seats cause a bit of strain and if they have reflux it can make it worse since it’s a C shape seat. Convertible seats are a bit more comfortable because their body is at an L shape. Hang in there! When baby is bigger toys will help too

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