1. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I’ve been feeling guilty about wanting to pull back from the news a bit and not being able to do more. You’ve reminded me there’s still time.

  2. I am a stay at home mom luckily we can afford it. I don't have social media. I only read celebrity news that is irrelevant. Like others have suggested exercising, home improvement, and arts and crafts keep me sane. I love my son but I fear for the future. He's 6 months now and growing too fast for me.

  3. Just here to say I’m feeling the same way. I’m considering not reading the news anymore/deleting social media because it’s just so dark.

  4. I can only offer what I try to do because it wears on me as well. I stopped reading any news. Period. I deleted Instagram, because of people posting about the news. I listen to music on stroller walks. I watch some tv shows that make me happy during baby naps. I started paying more attention to our garden. I ditch my phone as much as possible when I'm with LO, to be more present and see all the new things she can do every day. I try to focus on my family and my home, and anything outside these walls doesn't matter. I get to see the world for the first time through my baby's eyes and I want it to be peaceful and calm.

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