1. I usually pick the ones who look like they’re closet to death or are extremely pale, wether they’re ugly or not doesn’t matter but keep up the good work

  2. These are great names! Also wow what a difference a month worth of clean warm water and groceries will do. They were so thin when you got them but they look so much happier all filled out.

  3. Thanks! He was definitely eating it when he was at the pet store so it really makes me feel good to see his tail coming out. I knew he was a half moon but in some angles it was hard to tell if he was half moon or plaket but I can confidently say he’s a half moon

  4. I agree. I’m sure all of us would save more if we could but it’s part of the dilemma. Thank you for the kind words!

  5. I love your koi! So much orange. My guy started off white black with minor orange and one red spot. And now he’s mostly black and blue 😂 also this post should be a PSA

  6. I picked my fish because he was so ugly I thought no one would want him. He didn’t get any cuter 😂 still ugly af and just sickly

  7. QUESTION do your bettas fuck with the shrimp? I just ordered shrimp for a specific tank and am about to move the betta to another so the bastard doesn’t eat them. They’re neocardinia shrimp

  8. I’ve been very fortunate with two bettas that have been very docile and chill. I would say the temperament of the betta really matters. If they are special shrimp I’d leave them in their own tank! You could put some other fish in there like tetras, or rasboras

  9. I know this is a late comment, but how is your male Betta in a tank with shrimp? Doesn't he kill them all basically overnight?

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