1. Reading people saying this makes me feel genuinely emotional, I’ve hated my big nose my whole life and considered a nose job for years but reading stuff like this makes me realise it’s unique and someone out there likes it, so thank you haha

  2. Yes! On both men and women. I adore big noses and find them far more attractive then smaller ones tbh. A good strong nose is beautiful.

  3. I have always hated having a big nose, which has also been broken so has many angles! For 30 years I have avoided having my photo taken and I am super self conscious about it.

  4. Oh man thank you for this! I've tired for years to cover mine with concealers but it always looks so unnatural to me, so I leave them be.

  5. I don't like 'perfect' teeth. Not that I like them rotting out of the head, either. But I like teeth with a faint natural yellow colour, as well as a bit of crookedness.

  6. Mads Mikkelsen is so interesting to look at. He was particularly striking as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale.

  7. Tall and skinny men! (i.e, cross country runners). While I cannot say men with bigger muscles are not very attractive themselves, I’m a sucker for the super lean build.

  8. i LOVE men that are tall and super skinny!! I always get flak from my mom and my friends about it

  9. I second both of these preferences! If I could change one thing about my body, I'd wish for a flatter chest

  10. I like guys with weird smiles. Slightly crooked, half smirk, etc. My boyfriend has this thing where when he smiles one side is always slightly higher than the rest, it makes all of his smiles look kinda smirky. That and he inherited prominent canines from his mom. Its unique and perfect to me, I hope our kids have that smile one day.

  11. Agreed. I'm not attracted to most conventionally attractive male celebrities, and I the women I find most beautiful or hypnotizing are the imperfect ones (except Audrey Hepburn, who I think was the most objectively beautiful/perfect looking woman of all time). I love Marilyn for that reason too, we have a similarly shaped face (except I don't have hooded eyes!) and I find her so enchanting. Ultimate girl crush.

  12. I've always been extremely self conscious of this (I make sure I basically never smile), so thanks so much for this!

  13. Narrow hips. There's something very graceful about it. Also, heavier 'saggy' breasts, they make a person's posture look softer, kinder for some reason. Thin-ish hair? Taller people, in general. I feel there's just something so comforting looking at someone with more limbs to throw around. Dark circles, yes. They make the face look more lived in, kinder. Pillow-like lips, make the face more expressive. Big hands, I don't know, makes me trust the person more. So does a strong back. Waxy, opaque skin. Unsmiling faces? Large heads, yes.

  14. I havea decent sized gap in my front top teeth. I have learned to love it immensely am so glad my mom said no to braces when I was younger

  15. Dark circles, red cheeks and nose, freckles, very dark brown eyes, tan skin, two-toned lips, being short, and red hair are some of the things that come to mind. Being confident about these things are also very attractive.

  16. Some proper wrinkles, especially around the mouth that some skinnier men tend to have. “Thin” lips on a lady like Karlie kloss! Scars can be good too :)

  17. I know vitiligo can be a struggle because of photosensitivity in the bright spots, but I genuinely think it's beautiful. No I don't mean just on thin celebs and just specific symmetrical patterns, I also mean the random patches that don't obey common sense, I mean all skin tones. No matter how noticeable or unnoticeable. High contrast or low contrast.

  18. Same! I'm mainly lesbian, and yet every single time I see a red haired guy I'm attracted. So confusing

  19. I don't think it's an imperfection, but I really like broad backs and shoulders in women and I also like hairy men

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