1. HMD stands for Head Mounted Display So... Yes it doesn't have one but also strapping it to your face would make it one. But you have a point on the computational capability. The Quest 1 and 2 are basically phones strapped to your face with 4 cameras on the corners.

  2. I mean Quest 2 is phone hardware so yes it would but its missing some other parts for it to work properly.

  3. I mean considering quest runs off of basically a phone engine then yea. (Before people who know nothing about how the shit works, how the system actually runs in the quest works the same as mobile, which is why there is a lot of limitations on quest compared to pcvr. As a 3D modeler and animator, it actually affects how we have to rig models)

  4. Can i ask how you gonna run beat saber off your phone? You have Quest, if yes & you think it runs off your phone, No.

  5. Actually yes. It's a oneplus phone so you can probably just go ahead and install a desktop linux distro then you can get steam off of there and play beatsaber, although I have no clue how you'd get any sort of tracking.

  6. Technically if someone figured out how to flash the oculus OS distro of android and figured out how to spoof all the components and everything, you could maybe hope that you could get it to work on one camera? And a Wii remote if you put the time to train the algorithm that does positioning and controller tracking how to see with one eye and a weird controller. Good luck with that though

  7. For basically everyone here who didn't get the joke, this phone is more powerful than the Quest 1, which ran off of the Snapdragon 835

  8. what do you mean, you can't use it with a google cardboard, no, but it will run it because it has similar specs to the quest, you'd only get to the initial menu that makes you choose the language, maybe with some modding you'd be able to go around in the menus but I don't think u can go past that

  9. I mean, if you could somehow get it to run, you probably have the processing power to do it. Beat Saber isn't super CPU heavy, so some mega jank setup with a GPU connected might do it.

  10. (This is assuming quest touch controllers connect via Bluetooth, I don't actually know how they connect) could you theoretically run quest(android) beat saber on an android phone, with controllers connected, and essentially play w/o tracking? I'm aware that that's a terrible beat Saber experience, but other games might be more playable

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