1. I've always been under the impression the subies had great traction in snow due to their AWD - have I been mislead? I suppose snow tires are what probably make the difference, huh.

  2. what this means.... If you aren't an experienced driver with clearance and 4WD and good tires. WAIT and dont put yourself or others in unsafe conditions

  3. March 15, 2020 in Tahoe was forecast (and proved!) to be difficult to impossible to travel. That is also the day that every large resort in Tahoe shut down for covid and asked all guests to leave. That is also the day my family and I spent 10 HOURS getting from a ski resort to Oakland. Such a dumb move to make everyone leave.

  4. So I’m driving from SLC to SJC tomorrow (Thursday) and our original route is through Tahoe. Any recommendations on alternate routes?

  5. I got stuck in the big blizzard they tahoe had a few years ago before covid, i would recommend staying home this weekend.

  6. I’ve been stuck for 8 hours close to Donner Pass fora 12 hour total ordeal. I have a proper 4x4 with low gear an don’t get stuck, but it doesn’t matter if the road is completely shut.

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