1. I went to the Giants game last night and it was fun because, well, Giants game. But shit the 5th inning all I could think about was getting home and hugging my pillow as I fall asleep. Today I'm on my way to San Jose to do chores for my mom and then escort her to my brothers house tomorrow for mother's day.

  2. I like to have one day where I go out and do something and reserve the other day for doing nothing but relaxing at home.

  3. That’s what my weekends have turned into essentially. Used to be hiking, or camping every weekend or getting slammed with friends but ever since I bought a house it’s like some switch flipped.

  4. I think this is one of those things where the more visible thing looks more prominent. You don't hear about it when people stay home, but if someone makes a trip somewhere they're sure to talk about it!

  5. Usually spend my mornings with some exercise activity (mtbike, run, gym, etc) then relax the rest of the day

  6. Ya since I bought my house it’s like I forgot the ocean even exists. It’s been a while since I been out there.

  7. My fiancé and I stay home most weekends. Maybe we’ll go out and eat out quickly or run errands, but nothing that takes more than an hour or so.

  8. Honestly I go out less in an effort to save cash. Things, especially eating/going out have really increased in price. The weather is changing, so hopefully lazy at home can include some outside time, in the sun.

  9. I am throughly enjoying this windy day. Sitting in the backyard watching the trees blow was very relaxing.

  10. Yeah dude. I never feel weird about doing what I want to do including doing nothing. I also don’t care how other people are spending their time. Sounds like you might need to unplug from social media for a bit.

  11. I’m just hanging out poolside in my backyard sipping on Mai Tais. I went to a concert a few weeks ago and easily spent over 200 bucks since beers were 18 dollars a pop. My mom passed several years ago so most of my friends are busy with that stuff.

  12. Ya I’m hanging in my backyard debating if I want to trim this tree or just keep enjoying this view. Might add some beers into the mix in about an hour. Enjoy your day!

  13. Tomorrow I will be! My sister got married last weekend so have been going nonstop it feels like for the last 2 weeks. Finally tomorrow I have no plans (we’re doing Mother’s Day today) so I will be sitting around binge watching whatever catches my interest. Can’t wait.

  14. I spent the weekend watching The Shining Girls and Outer Range. So I feel you. But I folded laundry while watching so that was productive.

  15. I work Saturday’s and spend Sunday relaxing. I’ll do housework or cook or something but I’m busy all week so I just need time to destress.

  16. Glad I’m not the only one. Felt guilty for denying friends who wanted to go hiking but it seems like they do it everyday at this point and I’m just not outdoor obsessed anymore. Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow!

  17. Well around the house but I'm pouring concrete. Have to take advantage of this cool weather for outside projects. It's going to be hot soon enough.

  18. Went on a long run today out in the sun near the water. Felt good but then I got a breakfast burrito took a nap and just hanging out in bed. Low key feels nice to just be stationary ya know? Might get up and going in a couple hours but there ain’t no pressure

  19. Yep. Returned home from visiting family on Wednesday and got only like one or two hours of sleep before my flight. Went to work on Thursday and Friday as well. Didn't even bother setting my alarm for this morning and slept in as long as I could to catch up on sleep. Ran out to buy a Mothers Day card/takeout lunch and chilling at the house today. Feels good!

  20. I’m usually a homebody on the weekends! Went to a concert last night. Have no desire to be social the rest of the weekend.

  21. I’ve learned that I need time to myself sometimes and I’m glad I’m staying home to chill on discord and just game

  22. I stay home all weekend if I have chores to do or if I’m not feeling well. It’s rare I’m home for the entire weekend. But I do stay home one out of the two days pretty regularly.

  23. Almost all the time. We don't live paycheck to paycheck, but we can only afford going out once a month. Other than that, we just go to library or parks, or play bikes.

  24. I do all the time, but i have alot of hobbies and interests that dont need travel. For some reason, people always feel the need to go far away to feel like they are doing something enjoyable. I love a good drive and change of scenery, but i dont mind staying home, working on the garden, or cars, or just getting things done around the house.

  25. There was a pretty bad accident on 680 earlier today with all lanes blocked for quite awhile and it really had me thinking I absolutely should have just stayed home and BBQd or something instead lol

  26. Pretty much all I’ll be doing. Got a decent home theater setup, going to bbq steaks and watch boxing and ufc.

  27. I been doing nothing evey weekend since after college. Don't make a habit out of it or people will ask you "so what'd u do this weekend" and it's weird if you say "just chill at home" more than a few times. But I'm just thay guy now so...

  28. This post makes me feel so much better about loving my time just chillin at home! I will especially be staying in because it’s Mother’s day weekend and I expect all stores and restaurants to be busier usual.

  29. I look forward to the weekends when there is nothing going on! I’ve recently embraced naps and I love them. I avoided them for a long time because I felt guilty if I wasn’t constantly doing something or going somewhere. “Go! Go! Go!” can be a hard mentality to shake.

  30. I need more of a social life: How do I get clued into to where I can participate in cool stuff, like side shows, and smash n' grabs?

  31. Yes but I am actively booking tickets for future things. Then it kind of makes me feel better about being lazy for most weekends. And it's nice to have something to look forward to.

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