1. My favorite thing about Batman is that he's been reimagined so many times. I've enjoyed them all equally. (Especially the various vehicles.)

  2. Oh yeah for me injustice aswell, partly because ethics the one I grew up with but also I just think his ideas of friendship, justice and vengeance are all right in it .

  3. Injustice has always been a bit weird for me, I think only Batman and a few minor exceptions of other characters, actually act in character in a story where everyone else acts almost nothing like themselves, from Superman, Wonder Woman, Damien, etc.

  4. I’ve been reading the Batgirl run from 2000, and I’d say that does an excellent job characterizing Bruce.

  5. The Dark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum. He's a man who could never really deal with his grief. Bruce Wayne died in that alley and now there is only Batman.

  6. I gotta be honest I’ve started to dislike Arkham’s Batman. He strays too far into the “one man army” thing for my liking. The only game where I actually really like his characterization is Origins, because he actually goes through an arc and learns to let others help him. But then by the time of City and especially Knight, he just does everything in his power to sideline everyone.

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