1. Idk why I get so emotional seeing elderly dogs. I had a mutt that I raised since a puppy growing up. He passed at 13 years old. I just wish our little paw buds can live as long as we do. I miss him so much 😭

  2. My golden retriever as a kid lived to an astonishingly old age for the breed of 19. But when we kids came home from University she'd happily thump the floor with her tail, mostly blind, mostly deaf, but still over-joyed her kids were home.

  3. My last two dogs unfortunately both died aged 4 in tragic circumstances, hoping I can finally get to see my current lab hit the 10 year mark at least!

  4. I truly believe one of the first application of life extension technologies will be on cats and dogs, to allow our furry buddies to live as long as we do.

  5. This makes me so happy. My gf is currently weight lifting to be able to carry our biggest dog up the stairs when he’s unable to. He’s 13 and getting slow and sore, it’s so hard to see them age.

  6. My wife and I just got a new place, switching from three level to one level home (without downsizing) because she heard her friends’ dog broke its leg climbing stairs. She doesn’t want that to happen in 10 years (our boy will then 4 in September).

  7. One of many reasons why I love to lift. When my dog is a bit sore or tired I want to be able to lift them up anything. She weighs 34kg so it's a nice reminder to keep being healthy and strong.

  8. I'm not a particularly strong person, but I pick up all of my dogs. I do it from puppyhood till they're so old they just expect me to do it. I got a lab/english bulldog mix and he's turned out to be almost as heavy as my husky, 50~ lbs(and still growing) compared to the 74~ lbs of fluff. I absolutely got stronger in the 5 months we've had the lil tank. I broke my heaviest weight I ever maintained just by putting on muscle thanks to my boys. It's a good feeling!

  9. After watching people in Ukraine carrying their old dogs many miles, I bought a carry sling for my aging pup who is almost 70lbs. I can pick her up but not carry her easily any distance. A sling might help your gf too, since you can carry more weight across your shoulders and with your back that way vs in your arms

  10. Luckily my cat doesn't need a bodybuilder to lift him. Although I'm honestly not sure if he needs help onto the counter or if he just likes the attention.

  11. So much love for this. I got a stroller for my sheltie when she developed heart problems and arthritis so she could still go for the walks that she loved so much. I know she still enjoyed them even if she couldn’t walk anymore.

  12. This makes me feel happy. :) My dog is part Husky and we used to go on bike rides twice a day with him pulling me most of the time. He's 11 now and can't really do that anymore. I miss it so much. We just take nice strolls around the lake now, which is nice and he loves seeing the ducks, but it's not the same.

  13. When I was like 8, 9, and 10 I'd hook the leash up to my handle bars of my bike and my razor skooter and shed book it and pull me along around our neighborhood and she loved going down hills and stuff. God she loved it and it was such a thrill I felt like I was going 100 mph.

  14. Every time I see a dog wearing sunglasses I can't help but wonder if they have even the slightest hint of an idea how rad they're looking

  15. I'm not crying, you are! Damn this hit me hard. It's just, you want your dog to grow old and at the same time you do not want your dog to be old. This made me think of my old doggies. They pulled me and at the time they could no longer, I pulled them the same way you do. As I will for the ones I have now. I am just going to say it... I love you man! You are a good person! Hug that dog for me

  16. Kind Reddit neighbors, does anyone have a link or name to this dog trolly? My Sassy-girl (Akita/husky) back legs are getting weaker as she getting older . Might be nice to look into something like this to take her around .

  17. The brand is Duramax. If you Google "Duramax bike cart' it's one of the first ones to show up. I just looked myself as well (after seeing this) for my aunt's dog who is also getting up there in years :)

  18. ypu can ask op directly as this is original content. i tried to google the brand name for you but got nothing ☹️

  19. They are actually designed for children they're generally not horrifically expensive you can pick them up cheaply quite second hand as children obviously outgrow them.

  20. My boys are getting to that age where they love going on walks but get tired after about 10 minutes. Time for me to get a wagon so when they're done we can keep crusin around sniffing the air. <3

  21. Something that is just so fucking pure and wholesome about a pupper smiling. Much like making a baby laugh or smile it’s pure crack and the most addictive drug in the world.

  22. Aww haha. I kind of want my husky to pull me on a skateboard but I'm terrified, she pulls like a train 😂

  23. That is so kind. It's heartwarming to see the sensitivity of human beings on display when the only reward is appreciation.

  24. bikejoring is a common sled dog activity, particularly if it is off season for snow. Attach a line between one or two dogs and a bike, take them to a trail, and off you go. It’s a great way to remain active and engage the energy of pulling work dogs. You can do it with carts as well. In the winter time, you may see skijoring, where dogs are pulling cross country skiers, without sleds attached.

  25. We tried a bike trailer for our senior dog so we could take him on rides. He hated it. We used it once and gave the trailer to our friends.

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