1. I named my black kitten Ash, after Ash Williams from Evil Dead. Came in very handy after I learned he has THE SHARPEST CLAWS EVER since now I can call him Ashy Slashy.

  2. That's exactly why my kitten was named Arya (it was a few years ago now...) because her claws and teeth were like little needles.

  3. Once we got some silvervine sticks our kitten mostly left out cables alone, the sticks were more satisfying. Pet stores have them if he starts needing to chew on stuff.

  4. I am not sure if you have had cats before so I will make mention of it - if you use your hands to play with your kitten a lot, make sure to be firm and consistent about them not biting. This is one of the things that leads to a cat that thinks randomly biting is a game.

  5. As an extension of this, start playing with his paws and triming his nails now so he gets used to it by the time he's an adult! Will save your flesh AND potentially your furniture OP lol

  6. I was thinking about commenting the same thing. I used to get irritated at my friends for playing rough with my cat when she was little. I didn’t want her to think biting is a fun game. She ended up being one of the most chill and amazing cats I’ve ever had. Got her when I was 21 and she’s now 17 years old.

  7. I did that mistake and my cat loves this game. Especially when my hand is moving the mouse when Im on my computer. Scary and painful

  8. I was about to say the same thing. I made that mistake with our first cat and as much as I loved her I hated the way I could be petting her nicely one minute, then all of a sudden without warning she would bite and claw my hand like crazy. She passed away a few years ago, and now we have three new cats, a mom and two of her kittens that I rescued from the warehouse where I work, and I made it a priorty to never use my hands or fingers as toys, and they have never ever tried to bite or scratch anyone in our house. They are so friendly and loving, I'm glad I learned that lesson about cats.

  9. just don't use your hands as toys. It sends mixed messages. Hold toys in the hands and then play. Hands are for petting and not biting!

  10. :( my kitty name was Salem, she was a stray me and my daughter nursed back to health on a rainy October night. She was probably a day away from dying. We bottle fed her until she was healthy and she lived a beautiful 15years with us (we think she was 2-3 years old when we found her) . She was black as night with yellow glowing eyes.. and she wouldnt just sleep on my chest she would hug it and burry her head in my neck. rip little Salem.

  11. What was Michael Jackson’s name in the Thriller video. It looks like him when he turns around and is a werewolf.

  12. Thank you! I had to go a lot farther in the comments than I expected to see someone mention those hilarious eyes.

  13. God yes, definitely Dracula. Look at that maniacal face! He seems really well socialized, though

  14. Need mandatory video of the 10pm doorstep call, trying to recover a cat who has no interest in being inside.

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