1. That's what it is called to have a good hare day. Cute! About the dust bunnies, how about Fuzzy and Wuzzy from the Big Comfy Couch?

  2. That’s why Angoras are the best, especially when they are groomed like this! They look so silly and cute.

  3. And the other animals agreed without asking him first that he must always stand there and tell the weather. And all he wants is a nap and a carrot.

  4. I never thought I could love an animal I’ve never met but now you’ve done it. Maybe a camera where we can go down the hole with him sometime?

  5. This is an English Angora! Their fur grows out to be incredibly long, so this one has had a trim. People usually keep the fur long on the ears though, since it looks so cute :)

  6. Careful outside like that. A bird of prey could easily swoop down and take that prize winning bunny of yours.

  7. . I've just finished the Pikachu Pokemon Détective and this bunny look exactly like the Pokemon in the movie

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