1. All of these deaths shook me, but this one really just broke me down. He was so desperate that he was willing to bargain away his very person, his very identity, in order to live. How can you believe in anything good after that?

  2. i cried so hard listening to that poor boy. i hope those assholes rot in prison for the rest of their lives. I hope they experience the fear and desperation Mr. McClain felt, regularly.

  3. Every time I read about this kid, my heart hurts. I choke every single time, reading his last words… how can someone be so inhumane while responding to another person desperately begging for mercy. So many people there and not one had the heart to help him. Sick.

  4. Those three words will forever be profound. Three words that speak of so much history. Reality is more frightening than fiction.

  5. I hate it, I'm having a bad day already, this made it worse, I'm so angry but I feel so helpless, I hope these fuckers rot, but even if they do it won't make anything better. It'll happen again, and again and again, and there's nothing I can do. Fuck this

  6. What can you even say. It’s tough to even be surprised by these pigs anymore. Cops are subhuman scum. There is no low they will not stoop to.

  7. I feel exactly the same way. I am not a very sensitive person but when I saw a video of Elijah playing his violin for the dogs in the animal shelter, I started crying...he was a great human being. God bless his soul!.

  8. You cant, there is no good. Only shades of darkness. Good is an illusion.There is the strong and the weak. The quick and the dead. The world is a binary of absolutes.

  9. Someone called the police saying there was a suspicious person wearing a ski mask. The cops were dispatched and approached Elijah who they say resisted arrest. He was turning off his music so he could hear them. They wrestled him to the ground and in the scuffle one cop said he reached for my gun. All three officers could not verify who's gun he reached for. During the audio you can hear one officer say leave your body camera where it is at. ALSO can hear the cop mention that Elijah had done nothing wrong. Elijah was wearing an open face ski mask because it was cold. Someone's life was taken due to neglect and some fucking asshole calling the cops on someone walking home.

  10. Nothing in particular. Just the violent subhuman scum that patrols the streets of America up to their usual antics.

  11. Just read the details of COD. After being restrained, Elijah was administered ketamine and suffered cardiac arrest. They removed him from life support as he never recovered. This is tragic and unacceptable.

  12. It's an intervention used in the pre-hospital field and even in the hospital for situations like that. Well I mean situations when a pt can't be controlled.

  13. We use ketamine for excited delirium, pain management, and conscious sedation. I have administered it multiple times (from several excited delirium to a guy that ripped his arms off in machinery).

  14. The police have invented an entire fake disease to cover their consistent murder of Black people. This was also the excuse used to shoot Elijah full of ketamine.

  15. I have a story. I was jumped by 3 guys (longer story, I was defending my friend who they were really after. My “friend” ran away when I intervened). Anyway I was walking home from bar close so was visibly drunk, but I wasn’t belligerent and I wasn’t breaking any laws. I was also well coherent enough to communicate and make my own decisions. As I’m fighting these 3 guys someone apparently calls the cops and the guys ditch when they hear sirens. So it’s just me sitting on a stair outside when the cops and an ambulance roll up. I look pretty bad from a cut on my lip but I know I’m not in serious condition of any kind. The cops tell me to get in the ambulance. I say I didn’t call it and I’m aware how much it’s gonna cost me, so no thank you. I’m two blocks from home and will get a ride from a friend.

  16. ketamine is one of the main drugs used for sedation in emergency room, and it's not a risky sedative it's very safe.

  17. I just read up on and watched the bodycam footage of his arrest (and murder). It's the first I've heard of it today. Sometimes I can devil's advocate in my head how confrontations went horribly wrong, but this shit is fucking abhorrent beyond any rationalization. How the fuck do these cretins live with themselves?

  18. Let’s hope the indictment leads to a serious conviction and mandatory sentencing. Plain murder while wearing a uniform should be aggravating in itself, and especially so when there were 5v1.

  19. You can hope if you want but I fully expect nothing to come of this. It’s the cycle. Cops murder someone, the public rages and calls for reform, the cops go to court (sometimes, maybe), claim they were sooo scared…and nothing else happens.

  20. They meant well in sure will be said over and over despite them murdering an innocent and gentle person.

  21. The paramedics misdiagnosed him, severely overdosed him, and pushed the ketamine quickly instead of slowly. I don't know the exact timing, but it's something like they injected it in one second when it's supposed to be pushed over the course of 1-2 minutes so the body can adjust, and they can stop if someone is overly sensitive to it. Instead they gave him 150% of the dose for his weight, all at once.

  22. "The three police officers who were involved in the incident, Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema,[4] said that their body cameras were knocked off during a struggle with McClain."

  23. I mean the mounts were probably the magnetic ones. I used to show new people that you could knock them off with the same pressure of your phone falling on your face while in bed. They have a newer molle style mount that is very secure and you'd have to basically break the camera off.

  24. I joined this subreddit as I thought it was interesting, but I can only take so much. This is the first post I saw and it is so upsetting. After researching about the case it has broken me. He was so desperate and even tried to make a light-hearted joke to calm the situation. Elijah should still be alive today. This is awful

  25. I miss when this sub was about awful clothing/makeup/hair combos and not about depressing shit. Mods even held a vote to see if people wanted to go back to it just being for awful aesthetics; almost everyone voted yes, then the mods did nothing & continued to permit

  26. I listen to a podcast called “This is Actually Happening” where people kind of narrate their life story. There was an episode recorded 3 or 4 years ago by a guy who is a completely reformed, former white supremacist. He said at one point, his whole goal in life was to become a cop so he could “legally kill as many black people as he wanted” absolutely sickening. This story really hurt my soul.

  27. I am a very gentle person, but this poor boy's story makes me feel homicidal. Just heartbreaking. What a senseless loss.

  28. FINALLY!! All these deaths are beyond horrific, but this one got to me so bad. I have a son just like Elijah. I really hope justice prevails here. Just breaks my heart.

  29. Finally some good news. We know these inhuman fucking muderous monsters are going to get off, but at least young Elijah isn't going to be forgotten. (FUCKING BASTARDS)

  30. We can hope it goes to trial where a attorney will say something almost as bad as the act...."he was gonna die anyways"

  31. “Excited delirium” is a cop-created non existent condition used by their sycophants when they murder someone, especially a black Perron.

  32. It's a diagnosis that was developed to explain deaths that occur after extreme agitation. The fact that it has been overused to explain individuals injured during altercations with law enforcement is not proof that it's a made-up diagnosis. Until you have worked in the medical field and been in a position to have to sedate a violent individual you can't really appreciate needing those tools. The problem in this case isn't the diagnosis it's who made it. Police are not supposed to be ordering paramedics to administer medications at their direction. Restraint protocols are extremely specific and generally weight-based and whether or not you want to label them as excited delirium or combative or violent, individuals that requires sedation for their own protection do exist. You could essentially break down in custody deaths as either resulting from restraint whether it be chemical or physical or both, or an underlying medical condition, or other substances in someone's system or all of these things combined. The fact that these particular paramedics simply administered a very large dose of sedative to an individual at the direction of the police is the problem. I have encountered extremely violent individuals that have not yet had any interaction with police and have required everything from very low doses of benzodiazepines to the maximum doses of disassociatives such as ketamine. Most restraint guidelines or protocols specifically explain that individuals must be chemically restrained if they are physically restrained but also have a caveat as to how they must be physically restrained. Pretty much all of the deaths that I read about have one or two things in common and that is improper restraint, usually positional, or late activation of medical resources meaning and ongoing physical struggle prior to activating emergency medical providers. Cases need to be reviewed based on what was done and what was given when and why. When I had my ribs broken by an individual who was called in as "ill", there was no police involvement prior to this individual's dissent into all of the symptoms that would constitute what is commonly called excited delirium. Individual had removed their clothes, they were extremely diaphoretic, they had lost the ability to communicate verbally and were extremely violent towards anyone that came near them. Not that it matters but I'll point out that this individual was Caucasian. In this case we ended up first administering a benzodiazepine which was successful only to the extent of being able to safely physically restrain the individual. By safely I mean for him in the sense that he was not face down and his breathing was not being mechanically impaired. Unfortunately he was not adequately restrained to prevent him from injuring the providers who were called to treat him. While positioning this individual on their side and allowing them the ability to adequately breathe while sedating them I was kneed in the ribs multiple times. So my choice was back off and let this person injure other people, move to a form of restraint that would be dangerous for this person, or sustain minor injury myself while gradually escalating the level of chemical restraint we were able to provide. In this case we ended up giving a weight-based dose of ketamine and it was ineffective in the sense that the individual could not safely be treated or transported due to the level of violence still occurring. We called our medical control physician and received an order to give additional sedation. We did so while monitoring this individual's vital signs. In this particular case the amount of sedation that was necessary to stop the violent behavior was also the amount of sedation that impaired this individual's breathing. We were carefully monitoring this individual's breathing with exhaled carbon dioxide monitoring and pulse oximetry oxygen level monitoring. We quickly noticed that as his violence faded his respiratory drive was insufficient. We immediately placed an endotracheal tube and provided ventilatory support and the individual stabilized. This person had to stay sedated on a ventilator for almost 24 hours. Ultimately no specific cause for this violent outburst could be assigned while there were some stimulant drugs in this person's system many people do stimulant drugs and do not behave this way. There was no violent confrontation proceeding this individual's attack on me and my crew and the circumstances leading to this remain a mystery of the individual has no psychiatric history. I don't really care what it gets diagnosed as, in this case it was categorized as excited delirium being that there was no specific root cause for the hyperthermia and violence. The key is that we carefully monitored this individual medically while providing medical restraint and were able to respond to the impending respiratory collapse that often follows successful sedation of someone in an excited state. I'm sure there are lots of people who got into unnecessary conflicts with law enforcement and were improperly restrained or improperly medically treated who died with a diagnosis of excited delirium versus positional asphyxia or a more suitable cause of death. No matter what you call it there is a big difference between individuals who die due to positional restraint, lack of adequate medical intervention and monitoring and individuals who rapidly progress into cardiopulmonary failure despite proper procedures being followed. I have been called several times by law enforcement and told someone was an excited delirium and I did not feel this was a accurate description of the individuals behavior and was able to use verbal de-escalation skills rather than physical or chemical restraint. I have been called by medical facilities for individuals that they feel are experiencing excited delirium and the person's condition can be explained by an underlying psychiatric problem. I have had to sedate many individuals that are clearly impaired on illicit substances usually the case locally for me as they were sold what they thought was heroin but really it's a synthetic stimulant drug or disassociative stimulant drug. there have been one or two cases like the one I explained previously where I cannot assign a psychiatric or chemical cause to the behavior model that has become known as excited delirium. This is again the excessive sweating, hyperthermia, removal of clothing despite outdoor ambient temperature, inability to communicate and violent behavior without a root cause. By definition someone that is initially calm and then becomes violent after an altercation takes place with anyone be that police or family or friends is not a true excited delirium case. There is a very specific pattern of behavior and vital signs with lack of causation that constitute what is commonly called excited delirium. So by the very nature of some of these cases being started by a violent struggle with a person not yet displaying these symptoms means they are not good examples of the condition. However to use these counter examples to say that the condition was made up to justify law enforcement misconduct is also in my opinion incorrect. Unnecessary restraint and physical contact between citizens and law enforcement absolutely occurs and absolutely has led to deaths. If these are being categorized as excited delirium that is a misuse of the term not proof that the term itself is false or contrived.

  33. That’s is so fucking sad. I cannot believe people are this cruel. I hope you are doing better wherever you are Elijah.

  34. This man really said teamwork makes the dream work, damn. It sucks the dream was to kill an unarmed black man and the team was 3 cops and 2 paramedics

  35. How the hell could anyone continue to restrain someone who is saying the words he did. This is absolutely awful

  36. I think about what happened to this poor kid so often. Truly hope justice is served, his family deserve it.

  37. It's the one you get for free the most. Sometimes I just throw them at things I want to have more visibility. I'm really hoping that is the case here.

  38. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY. it breaks me how people can do things like this. he seemed like such a sweet guy. they scared the living shit out of him and killed him. how. why.

  39. friendly reminder that this post doesn’t even reveal the most mind-boggling part of this story: they drugged a handcuffed man with ketamine, with wayyyy too high of a dose might I add

  40. I read he was 109mg when the correct dosage is 40 mg. I might be wrong but I think that's what I read on another post

  41. The police are murderers. Lucky for them there is no justice in America. Only power, money & corruption. Land of the free LMFAO.

  42. oh i guess everytime ever in your life your family or coworkers or friends did something bad you publicly criticized them huh

  43. The officers shouldn't have been but the paramedics deserve it bad. Ketamine? And how sloppy they were. He shouldn't have had to die and they just basically killed him by lethal injection no court. Awful.

  44. Yes, they should have been. Their actions directly resulted in the situation that caused his death. If not for their actions, no paramedics to be there to OD him in the first place.

  45. These cops are FUCKED. They had no reason to detain him so it’s basically as if I just walked up to a person and killed them.

  46. Oh, so you’re one of the white gatekeepers that measure when it’s “appropriate” for Blacks to die by the hands of the police, huh? FUCK YOU.

  47. If a white person calls the police on a black person and says the black person has a gun; and the black person is murdered by the police and found to have no gun, can the white person be charged with murder?

  48. ACAB, every pig that dies is a blessing, one less violent thug in this world to murder poor innocent people like Elijah. May all the indicted receive the harshest of punishments, scum that they are.

  49. The fuck are you talking about. People are very upset about any kids who die. Especially when it’s by gunfire.

  50. Remember kids. If a cop asks you to stop and talk to them. Fight them to your death. Resist at all cost. You are innocent. Prove it with a fight to the death.

  51. Spoke in a passive voice, that's a dog whistle to someone that believes they have authority over the situation.

  52. Just read up on this and watched the footage, that was so hard to watch. The power complex of US cops is really something else...

  53. Can someone explain to me the context? Unfortunately these cases blur together with the quantity of them and I try to educate myself on all circumstances before making an opinion. I’m seeing a lot of comments on ketamine. How does that play in? How do the paramedics play in? How do the police play a role? What happened leading up to the encounter? What was the cause of death?

  54. This young black man was walking in a predominantly white neighborhood that he lived in if I remember correctly. He had a face mask or something because it helped him be comfortable in public with his autism or whatever disorder he had that made him uncomfortable in public social settings. Also due to his condition he wasn’t readily complying. He wasn’t violent or even loud I think but just not following their orders to the T as fast as they would like. This very intelligent young man was just trying to make sense of the situation and their response . So being the inhumane racists they were, the cops tackled him and forcefully subdued him THEN came the paramedics who expedited this young man’s demise recklessly administering the special K to calm him down.

  55. The paramedics gave him a dose of medicine to calm him down from what I understand under the orders of the cops while they had him in a hold knee on his back. They injected something into him and he passed away from it.

  56. Some times you see something and wish you could give all your upvotes. One isn't close to enough.....

  57. I can't even read it, I cried like a baby thinking of what this poor boy went through at the hands of those men. They deserve more than a few years.

  58. He was a beautiful soul and this world takes little mercy on such ones. May he Rest In Peace. No human should have the governmental authority to do this to another.

  59. Black kid goes into store, buys iced tea wearing a mask (pre-COVID). Someone calls the cops because he's suspicous, and black. No crime reported.

  60. This kind of thing is why people target cops anymore. They are begging for us to fight back apparently cause this just sounds ridiculous. If you are that scared as an officer of this little boy, you don’t need to be wearing the uniform. I hope all of the officers get to pay with their lives. Getting real sick of hearing these stories. I used to like police but I don’t have any respect for the majority anymore. Not even humans these days.

  61. Elijah was a good decent innocent young man that was killed for no reason. Only because he was a black man. He is in heaven playing his violin and dancing with the angels. God bless his soul! I hope that the cops that killed him have no peace and tranquility for the rest of their lives and they get haunted by Elijah spirit. Nasty inhumane fucks!!

  62. I'm glad that some departments are stepping up on the sense that if this crap occurs in front of their officers, those officers now have a duty to step in and do something about it without any repercussions.

  63. I hope all 5 of them get paired with a 6’7” guy with a cock like a pringles can in prison then get their tonsils bruised every night for the rest of their lives

  64. Fuck man. I knew about this but never read his last words. That’s just … I kinda hate everything right now.

  65. My cousin Robbie died a month and a half ago “overdose” and his last words that we know of was him saying I’ll be back soon. So whenever I read these I get very sad because something similar probably happened.

  66. I’m so glad they are being held accountable. This never should’ve happened and they should not only ashamed for this, but face criminal charges on the level of downright murder.

  67. Indicted in this case means nothing. Absolutely no way more than one of these scum fucks does prison time for this cold blooded murder. They should all be executed.

  68. That is some HARSH HARSH HARSH af shit. I hope these people stub their to so hard they are gonna break their foot.

  69. The only way I would call a cop is too haul a dead body off my property and there is zero chance I worked answer a question

  70. They administered Ketamine to sedate him. Medical examiner said this my have contributed to his death.

  71. This is a bad injection issue not so much a violent cop issue. The cops ganged up on an individual who was lightly resisting arrest. Arrested for a false report though. Regardless Nothing worth hanging the cops for. But they gave him a sedative for lightly resisting. Hence why the paramedics are also indicted. The cops will likely get off free (should be fired not jail IMO). The paramedics will for sure lose they’re license/accreditation and may or may not serve time. I have no opinion on malpractice punishments.

  72. They administered Ketamine to sedate him. Medical examiner said this my have contributed to his death.

  73. this is beyond disturbing, words cannot explain his horrific this is. there is nothing that could ever serve as adequate justice for this.

  74. Just so tragic. Seriously. All political bullshit aside. How the fuck can these people live with themselves after this.... just so horrible. The dude wasn’t fighting back! Why would you keep restraining him!? They got what they deserved. Hope prison sucks hard and the get the bottom bunk.

  75. This was the most heartbreaking event to watch. May he Rest In Peace and his family are in my thoughts. We have a police force that is rotten to the top and the tyranny is growing everyday.

  76. What the actual fuck is wrong with the American policing system, like I know other countries have their issues with police force but it seems like America really just wants to be the best at everything. It's so heartbreaking to hear the actual recording of the incident 💔

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