1. This Means War and Hail To The King. Kinda throws me off that some people think of A7X as a "generic hard rock" band when they only hear HTTK, when they have songs like God Hates Us, Desecrate Through Reverence or epics like Save Me

  2. I feel the same way, I like literally every song, but if I had a least favorite it would probably be something off their 1st album, idk I like all those songs, but if I had to choose a least favorite it would be one of those, We Come Out At Night maybe? Idk.

  3. I agree, the riffs are groovy though. I liked that it’s in drop C# as well. They should experiment with different tunings more often

  4. Malaguena Salerosa. It just does not fit with the rest of the discography as well. I know it's a cover and if you want an original song, probably crimson day. Its just really soft for me.

  5. I don't listen to the HTTK album anymore, it was my first album I listened to and I outgrew it, so I'll say my least favorite from all the other main albums, which I listen to regularly.

  6. Dear God, This Means War, Doing Time, the autotuner in the chorus of Lost (although the rest of the song bangs), pretty much anything off STST

  7. Girl I know, for many reasons, chiefly “Now you choose either naughty or nice”. It’s an all round horrible song, I can’t believe they are particularly proud of it.

  8. I’ve never heard them say they’re proud of it. Matt even pointed out it’s one of his least favorite songs.

  9. Most of the stuff on The Stage album for me. Only songs I enjoy on that album are The Stage, God Damn, and Exist. Everything else sounds messy and rushed to me.

  10. I hated padadigm for a while until i listened to it for about the sixth time, now its one of my favs off the stage. Fermi paradox on the other hand....

  11. I think paradigm is the second best song on the stage but I’ll admit that I think the verses are terrible and the song ends way too abruptly

  12. i like every non instrumental song of theirs besides girl i know. there's some songs on httk i could go without but they arent that bad. just not a7x good

  13. That's a good question. I'm not super into victim, but I can appreciate what it is from a musical perspective. But all of Avenged's catalogue is great, so it's hard to decide on a least favorite.

  14. I really dislike Beast And The Harlot, and Dear God... Seize The Day is also pretty terrible, although the live version is alright

  15. I’m ready too be burned but critical acclaim. Even as a service member I find it kinda cringy, and also it’s main focus is the message rather than songs like MIA or gunslinger that works the message into a kickass song.

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