1. Tom- I’ve been loving this record lately but whats interesting is the Riaa doesn’t certify albums unless you submit and bring it to their attention. For instance WTF went platinum a while ago. Hopeless just decided to submit. ( Im not sure why now ) City is around 2x S/T 2x Nightmare 1.7 HTTK 1.6 Stage close to 450k

  2. Matt! Appreciate you taking the time to explain what goes on behind the scenes a bit and lend some insight! Nonetheless, cheers to you, the guys, and the rest of your team for your continued success. Saw the plaque pop up and figured I'd give it a post. Much love and respect!

  3. Maybe Hopeless is looking to put their name out there or something by doing this? Definitely deserves the status though.

  4. Brandon Saller said it was a pretty similar thing for The Curse. They had submitted for it a long time before it was actually certified, like possibly a couple years if I remember correctly. Stoked about this, man. WTF is one of my all-time favorites

  5. I love love love Waking the Fallen! I can’t get enough of it. Of course, I love every album you guys have ever created. 💗

  6. Thanks for the update! I had been wondering why the hell Wikipedia still said httk was 500,000 and waking the fallen as well. Nothing has been updated in years.

  7. Crazy how it’s technically a higher seller than Nightmare and Hail to the King now... I think Waking/City are the band’s two defining records and they’re the two platinum sellers! Good news for sure... let’s get more Waking in the set lists already 😠

  8. That's the changing landscape of the music business. Despite the band's rising popularity, the album sales themselves keep going down. It would be hard to argue against HttK being their most commercially successful album - it propelled them into the stratosphere as far as overall band stature, brand awareness and draw - but it sold less than anything else. Until the album that followed it.

  9. Congrats to them! I Won't See You Tonight part 1 and 2 and Eternal Rest are some of my favorite songs by them.

  10. Best A7X album. Deserves the love. This album for me into A7X and metal in general. I know it gets love but still feels super underrated amongst the fandom.

  11. It gets underrated amongst the newer fans who've gotten into the band through last 2 albums. They also don't quite get how influential and instrumental it was for the metalcore/NWOAHM scene in the early 2000's, so it's easy to dismiss it because it doesn't sound unique anymore. But for the time it came out, it was super fresh and boundary pushing.

  12. I love this album to death. I have at least 1000+ plays on chapter four and second heartbeat alone, those two are my go to songs to get hyped.

  13. Yay. It's about time they honor the best band ever. They totally deserve it and so much more. Every song is a masterpiece.

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