1. It's interesting to see your perspective as the person who helped create the sounds and emotions that all of us fans are so attached to and that what you consider to be amateur is so universally loved. I'm sure that mindset is what keeps you guys pushing the boundaries and giving us fans a new experience every time you create new music. When did you (and the band) develop that "albums are another color to be added to the palette" philosophy (I really like the way you phrased that)? Or have you guys always sort of operated that way maybe without even realizing it earlier on?

  2. Thanks for the response! Yeah every thing has changed. Now it’s all about the vibes, the soundscapes and the way a track makes me feel. I naturally listen to more traditional stuff as well, but find myself going down some weird avenues more often that not.

  3. Matt, I adore The Stage and think it's phenomenal. I've been listening since City of Evil era but Exist is your magnum opus imo. Bands evolve and grow and you should be immensely proud of every album along the way too.

  4. When’s the last time you gave Opus Eponymous a playthrough? I blame you for getting me into Ghost so much haha.

  5. I get that, in terms of heaviness I guess I've gotten so used to them not being heavy, to me it's been since Nightmare they haven't really had that "edge". HTTK, while a good record overall isn't what I would consider heavy, while I think The Stage has more grit to it then HTTK, I don't consider it heavy either. I hope no one think I'm disrespecting the band I just don't consider them heavy any longer. As I said, when I want heavy I go to Trivium.

  6. Matt said they are setting up a studio just for the band, so some streaming shows or something like that might even happen. Who knows, it would certainly be very interesting. And it will surely help them recording and composing new music. I understand your reflection about the sounds of the next album. I continue to appreciate their heavier songs but I hope for something more experimental and bizarre too. I am also a huge fan of Dose.

  7. I honestly don't think they're going to change stance on the streaming show. I think at most in regards to that we may get some more, "From the Soundboard" type things. Al though I think it would be a cool opportunity for them to do some playthrough videos of deep cuts that won't ever get attention on tour. Like one new live track a month or something would be cool.

  8. I LOVE behind the scenes stuff so more of that would be awesome. Breakdowns, writing sessions, or even a vlog series as they build their new HQ would be dope

  9. Same, I scour the internet for those things. I would love to see the entire process from start to finish. Conceptualizing something all the way to finalizing it. I wish more bands would go into that process behind the scenes. I know there's always teases of it but I would watch hours and hours of the whole process.

  10. My first thought on hearing Matt is that they really want to save the premiere of his recovered and different voice for something that is a REALLY BIG FUCKING DEAL, like the single that comes before the album. That's the biggest reason I think we won't see or hear anything new live from them between now and then. There will be snippets of music on the NFT front like Matt hinted at yesterday here, but I don't think that will include any vocals, or maybe just a glimmer of a hint. They're proud as hell of his recovery, and they want it to be a massive part of the launch of the next phase of the band, and that doesn't happen with a livestream or NFT release.

  11. I'm actually not on the school haha those are bands that I just discovered through them over the years and basically anything patton does I fall in love with. I knew Jimmy and Johnny used to jam primus tunes before he joined so I looked them up after that. Think it was on All Excess. When I got into a7x back in 07/08 I dug into their history and found every interview I could.

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