1. No question for y’all. I just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome music throughout all these years. It’s helped a lot of people here get through some hard times. We love you guys.

  2. Really couldn’t begin to speculate... now if I were to speculate 😂😂😂 probably straight ahead rock n roll w some ballads?!!

  3. I feel like you must be tired of answering questions about the new album so I’ll ask something else: 2020 was shitty year, but what are some positive things that have come from it for you personally?

  4. We were able to ground ourselves, create better relationships with each other, plan for the future, work on an album... it was a very positive year in that regard.

  5. Are there any plans to release any demos or B sides from City Of Evil? That is assuming any exist of course. Thanks Matt!

  6. There is a theme... no cohesive story... but an over arching theme... sorta like The Stage in that sense... but sounds nothing like The Stage

  7. Hi Shadows. What styles of music do you want to incorporate into your music that are not traditional metal or rock?

  8. Can’t wait to get out to shows again once all this shit blows over. Favorite all time rock group? Happy new year!

  9. Hey Shadows! Question, when you talk about being way more casual with this album in regards to recording, does that influence the sound of the record at all or do you still have your set vision, you're just not in a rush or grind to finish?

  10. As a professional musician I know you’re always looking to the future, new music, and new inspirations, but do you ever go back and re listen to older Avenged stuff? Songs like Coming Home or Higher weren’t singles but they are great songs. Do you just kind of set it and forget it with your own music or do you have some favorites you re visit from time to time?

  11. Pretty much set it and forget it... always looking to what is next and exciting to us... some songs make me say to myself “wtf where we thinking and how did we do that?” Both in a good and bad way

  12. Operation Mindcrime Vulgar Display The Commodors Dirt Ohms Donny Hathaway The Decline Like Clockwork Ecliptica Nightfall in middle earth Hatebreeder Marshal Mathers LP

  13. If the wait to release the next album goes into, say, third quarter 2021, what as a band can you do to keep your name in the headlines, other than the occasional interview where you remind us that it's not done?

  14. We arent trying to stay in the headlines.. we get asked everyday to do interviews and we decline. We did Kerrang because I really like Emily and it was an end of the year wrap up.

  15. At this point the virtual concerts aren’t of interest to us... its not a dig on virtual concerts, just isn’t inspiring to us at the moment

  16. That interview made me so happy to read! Super inspiring how much you’ve grown over the years. I don’t even know what to ask, just thank you for speaking up and always being true to yourself, and happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year! I don’t have a question, but I do want to share a story with you. In February 2009, you guys came to my small town in Montana and were my first concert. My dad took me and it was a huge deal for me. It started an obsession with A7X and metal music. In summer 2010, I remember scouring the internet every single day for leaks before Nightmare come out. (I never found any, though) That September, my dad and I traveled to go see you guys at Uproar Festival and then in December, we travelled to Las Vegas to see you play at Holiday Havoc. It was Portnoy’s last show with the band and one of my all time favorite shows because you guys were just having so much fun. I feel really fortunate that I was able to see you guys play three times at such an important time in the band’s history, but even more fortunate to share those memories with my dad when I was a fucked up, angry teenager.

  18. Firstly, I just want to say that you guys have been my favourite band for fifteen years. I've travelled the world to see you live, and been able to share a good amount of invaluable time with my mum in doing so — so thank you for all the good times and memories! I'm sure there are many more to come in the future, and I'll wait patiently for the time when you release new music and tour, regardless of how long that takes. ❤️

  19. Hey man. I know you won't reply because I fell asleep just at the right time. So now I'm waking up to all of this, haha.

  20. It really does seem like you have grown a lot over the years. I really respect this article you wrote because it reminds me of myself.

  21. I’ve been aware and familiar w the demo for a long time. It’s not what I love Bungle for... but there are def some great transitions and ideas in there

  22. Hi Matt I've never been able to participate in these AMAs so I hope I'm not too late but I love what you and the band do!

  23. What do you think new GNR music would sound like in 2021? Also, any chance there will be a7x in the new black ops game?

  24. Hi Matt, not sure if you're still posting, but I've been a huge fan of A7X since 2005. I was a huge Metallica fan and that's all I would listen to until my friend gave me a copy of Waking The Fallen. I've been a diehard fan ever since. Your music has been through good and bad times, my wedding, death, landing my dream job about a month ago. Thanks for everything. I can't wait to hear/see what is next for you guys.

  25. Kinda strange question, but can you remember any specific point in time at a concert where you just finished a song and thought to yourself “Man I really fucking nailed that” ? If so, what song was it and how’d it feel?

  26. Im pretty sure Gates mentioned that he couldn't find the masters to Pinkly Smooth, but is there any chance that you guys would record a cover of a Pinkly Smooth. Love A7X and am excited for music in the future.

  27. Yoooo Matt what's up man glad to hear you're doing well! Looking forward to the new year, you take care and stay safe as well!

  28. I know I've missed you already. Just wanted to say I love you guys, your music has pulled me through some tough times, and also been part of some of my favourite times. Please come back to Perth soon! ❤

  29. Got any tips on how to grow as an artist? I've put out an EP, a few singles, and have a full-length album coming (hopefully) soon with my one-man band. I have basically no fans though. I feel so lost with growing my audience and have no clue how to go about it. Any insight on the topic?

  30. Completely missed this and I don’t care, I just love that he’s come to the sub to answer questions from the fans. Good questions from the peeps here, enjoyed reading his answers.

  31. Gosh I totally missed this, I haven’t checked Reddit in days! Just wanted to say A7x is my fav of all time and I appreciate you guys :)

  32. Here’s an upvote for you because there’s no reason to be downvoted for asking a question like that. You didn’t tell him to go back to that style or anything close, you simply asked if he was still capable.

  33. You mentioned in a different answer that you only started recording shows recently. I assume you meant video recordings.

  34. Hey man, just wanted to say you guys have been an inspiration of mine when it comes to music. You’re guy’s music has really helped me when I’ve needed it so thank you for that. Gamer related question: whatcha think about BO Cold War?

  35. Hey Matt, is there a chance that the demo we heard in the breakdown of a little piece of heaven with just the piano and Jimmy's voice will be released?

  36. Thanks for the interaction Matt! I really didn't expect it. Any plans to continue with the Breakdown series? (maybe longer videos if possible hahaha)

  37. Just saying hi! 👋🏼 With how shitty this year was I’m glad you guys got all the much needed family time! New music will come when the time is right. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and hope you and the family have a Happy New Year!

  38. Matt, important question. I've seen you guys live 10 times since 2011 and up until the last show I saw in 2017, you always had the risers on the front of the stage that you'd stand/lean on. I always joked that you were like a perched bat-gargoyle up on those things, using sonic attacks to dominate everyone. As such, I was sad to not see them there the most recent time.

  39. Hey Matt! Always dreamed of getting in contact with one of you guys, looks like (hopefully) the time has come. So I read the interview earlier today. When you said you were taking the new music in a different direction, did you mean taking a different direction in sound or in the meaning of the songs?

  40. Hey Matt! I don't know what I could ask but i just wanna say that I hope to see you guys play in Australia sometime after covid

  41. hi mr. shadows! i’ve been a huge fan of a7x for years and went to your cincinnati show in 2017. was the best experience of my life, and i just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve given to us over the years. we all love you, man! 🖤✊🏻

  42. Hey Matt, first off, thank you for changing my life with your music. Second of all, is the new Album gonna follow the footsteps of “The Stage” on a musical standpoint? I feel Syn and Brooks together made for such a beautiful prog masterpiece in songs like Exist and Paradigm?

  43. Hey Matt! Just wondering why you guys never performed a live version of the song "waking the fallen" and if you guys would ever do it??

  44. Wait what!??? I barely found out you were on Reddit and now this? Well just wanted to tell you that your music has really inspired me, especially between your vocals and Syn’s playing. Thank you for being my all time favorite band and the best singer in the world!

  45. Hey Matt, I first heard of you guys when City of Evil came out. My sister’s friends all freaked out about the band and it brings back so many memories of the old neighborhood growing up. 15 years later it sounds better than the day it came out. I always wondered how did you guys come up with the sound for that album? The metal riffs mixed with those vocal harmonies have always mesmerized me, it was so well orchestrated it almost sounds like a metal musical, or perhaps a metal opera? I can’t imagine how long it took you to do all the vocal tracks for that album but thank you for your effort because it sounds amazing.

  46. No questions. I just want to get a hello from the man himself, I’ll get new music when y’all are ready

  47. Hey, I don't have a question, but I just wanna say how much I love y'all, I grew up listening to nightmare and hail to the king on the radio, and this year I got more into your discography, and fell in love, you're definitely my favorite!

  48. not really a question, but just admiration for your singing. Your technique is so unique and soothing. I hope your voice is recovering well. I have always wanted to meet Jimmy but unfortunately couldn't. He has been such a big inspiration to me. You guys have carried his legacy well. I am so proud to be an A7x fan. Cheers and good day Matt.

  49. Hey dude just wanted to tell u im getting my very first tattoo soon and its gonna be the deathbat on my right forearm ive been listening to a7x since i was abt 10 im 17 now abt to become an adult u guys helped me through some of the darkest times in my life and to show my appreciation to u and ur band im gonna get a tattoo love you guys so much

  50. 1 - Can you tell us some of the themes that will be discussed in the new album? Will there be a specific genre (like hard rock or something), or will you try to do something totally eclectic and not standard at all?

  51. I think it’s so cool that my favorite musician can just hop on Reddit and talk to his fans, sorry I missed you! Been rocking an A7X mask since October have gotten over 50 comments on it from others. You got a big base out here man! Stay safe

  52. Aww... I'm 7 hours too late. Well, I'll still say hi. Hi! I'm a huge fan of the band. I don't expect an answer, but... what are the plans for the next album? I bet whatever it is, it'll be great. Have a great night, you legend

  53. Hey mat! Hope your feeling better and cannot wait to hear your new stuff. You guys are the most important thing in my life next to my family. You've gotten me through so much and I will forever be grateful and a die hard fan !!!! Love from Colorado!

  54. I doubt this would be seen but i figured hey ill throw my 2 cents. Ive really appreciate your guy's music and had great moments with it my first concert was with you guys. unfortunately i lost my few vids from it but that will always be one of my favorite memories. Hope your family stays safe and 2021 brings everyone good luck.

  55. Hey matt, i just wanted to say, thank you and all the guys for the amazing music. I don't really have questions but mine is do you think the rev is still here musically, like spiritually? Thanks from texas 🖤

  56. Hey Matt, love your work and really hope to see you guys live one day soon. I saw NZ is possible for late 2021, hopefully Australia too? If not, looks like I'm going to NZ!

  57. What games have you been playing in quarantine? Would you ever consider streaming on Twitch for fans. Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria just started streaming games on Twitch and Matt Heafy of Trivium does too.

  58. You guys make music that means so much to so many people, and that’s all that your true fans really care about (and there are a lot of us). Glad to hear you’re all able to embrace being family men and can take time for yourselves. And I’m really glad to hear that your voice is feeling better and I hope it’s healthy enough to keep doing what you’re doing for as long as you want. You guys are the greatest and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with next.

  59. Is there any way for you to upload some pinkly smooth songs onto Spotify and iTunes? Kinda sucks that the bands not on them

  60. Thanks for doing this! Sad I didn't get to see it earlier, but I wanted to thank y'all for doing what you do and, even during these hard times, being here. :) Can't wait for what the future holds!

  61. Hey Matt. Big fan of everything. Just wanna ask how your voice is doing. Ik it was being pushed and I hope that these past couple years you've had time to rest. Thank you for the music.

  62. It's not. This is the same account that Matt used in his previous AMA sessions, all of which required him to provide visual proof for verification.

  63. Have you guys ever considered fixing the stage video to replace Hillary with Trump? It's just weird in retrospect given she lost

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