1. The landmasses of India and Australia were joined together a very long time ago - not even sure if humans were around then - but I'd like to think we're connected in that way somehow :)

  2. Tbf, was wandering about India in 2018, and saw some faces that would not be out of place in my old home in the Kimberley. Profiles, and hair in particular.

  3. A Sri Lankan colleague of mine said to me, "Aboriginal people remind me so much of my people back home. They just look so similar." She meant that with the utmost respect.

  4. Reading a post like this makes me truly proud and thankful to be an Aussie, thanks for taking the time out to share with us. Glad to hear you had a great time. There is a lot more to see yet! You'll need a good few years to take it all in. I've lived here my whole life and I haven't seen it all...

  5. Also great that our egalitarian roots are unaccepting of UK or Indian style caste systems. Oh, you're a Brahman? That don't mean shit here sausage lol

  6. Glad you had a great time, sounds like you fit a lot of cool stuff in!! And excellent you picked up some of the local vernacular 😀

  7. I tried to go to Infinity when I was like 21 and noped out at the first room. That shit was like my deepest fears realised. I literally jumped over the turnstile and ran back outside. Fuck that shit.

  8. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. It's always so nice to read these stories I've tried really hard to raise my children to not see skin colour but to see the person. Next time you visit, come on down to the South Coast and I'll buy you a beer!

  9. It's a nice reminder that despite what the news cycle would have you believe not everything is the worst possible scenario that gets stuck under your nose constantly.

  10. Wow, someone from overseas visiting the Sandstone Caves! I lived out that way 25 years ago and it was just a local secret, there were no signs to indicate it was there, you just had to have a local show you. So once I was shown I always took my visitors there. Glad you got there and had to laugh at your experience. I had an Indian colleague when I worked out there and people often thought he was Aboriginal.

  11. Wonderful post! Any chance you can share your itinerary? I’m from the Philippines living in Brisbane. Keen to bring my parents and siblings for a vacation in this amazing country! 😄

  12. We did Sydney → Avoca Beach → Coonabarabran → Pottsville → Armidale →Sunshine Coast → Gold Coast → Coffs Harbour → Bondi Beach; but to tell you the truth - we never had the next destination planned more than a week in advance and were just talking to people and figuring out where to go.

  13. A mate of mine was an expat for a long time, she said that believe it or not, Aussies are optimistic people. I may not believe it, as I have always been here, but I suppose that is what you experienced. You gave no one a reason to mistrust you, so we thought you were a okay. Be a twat, and your experience would have been very different. Glad you liked it, next time come to see the other side.

  14. Happy to hear any pre-conceptions were subverted by reality. There are sad, small, narrow-minded people from every country- racism doesn’t discriminate : ) Glad you had good time mate- Australia’s a beautiful place. Solid TLDR.

  15. aww that’s so great, make sure to visit the other states as well!! all states have their own uniqueness and beautiful qualities. Australia is fun to explore :)

  16. I feel so happy you had a positive experience. Thank you for sharing it. I know I’d be welcoming and feel glad others treated you well.

  17. Mate, really glad that you and your wife enjoyed your time here. Next time though, you can always make a detour south from Sydney and come to Melbourne instead and enjoy our Great Ocean Road in Victoria - we'll treat you well here too :)

  18. You made my tear up you bastard! Ha! I’m so happy to hear this because it’s an awful thought to me that my fellow Australians are racist fucks

  19. For my single use of the word cunt , I’ve been honoured with ‘good cunt’ , ‘sick cunt’ and more; but for some reason ‘mad cunt’ seems to be of highest honour - thank you !!

  20. Glad you had a good time and it makes a nice change to see this post here as opposed to the 'is it safe for me to visit Australia because I heard you're all super racist?'-stuff we get all the time.

  21. I’ve never seen Coona mentioned in a reddit post! I live about an hour away. As an Aussie I was so happy reading this. Glad you had a good experience 👍

  22. Coona's awesome. We spent a week there last summer, and it was amazing. Warrambungle NP has some amazing views, White Gum lookout being the best IMO. Add the Pilliga Forest, Sliding Spring Observatory, the many caves, and you've got plenty to explore.. And I haven't even mentioned hunting for the big guy!

  23. That was lovely to read. I am so glad you had a great time here. You've done wonders for the Coonabarabran tourism industry, I must say. (Quite possibly the most random town I'd expect a tourist to visit, but there you go).

  24. Like the last line there buddy hahaha! What a lovely post, glad you enjoyed yourself over here. One of my brothers best friends is from Punjab and taught me how to make a proper curry and it's now one of my favorite things to cook. Makes the whole house smell delicious. He tried to teach me how to make chapati as well but I haven't mastered that one yet, bit of skill involved there. I'm from the west, if you get over again try to head over here for a look as well. It's a lot of driving but the ningaloo reef along the west coast is amazing, really underrated in my opinion. Goodluck matey, and thanks for taking the time to let us all know how great of a time you had, it's very much appreciated. You're a good cunt 👍

  25. Ugh I would LOVE to be taught how to make proper curries by someone from India! They have the dopest food. I live in a complex of townhouses which is super multiculti and there are always amazingly delicious curry smells wafting around... it's so annoying lol I want some!

  26. Glad you had an awesome time! I have to say, India was equally as welcoming and an amazing experience, can't wait to go back!

  27. I didn’t - I was told not to miss it either - but we just weren’t focused on food this trip I guess … I am a foodie so go figure !! Next time..

  28. Glad you had a great time mate you're welcome back any time and if you can somehow manage to move here I'd probably be trying to get that happening. Pretty much the general rule here is don't be a cunt and you'll be right most people will be polite, respectful, helpful and generous regardless of your gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and the narrow minded fuckwits have their days numbered and we are slowly getting them to come around. This country could not function without our diverse population or tourism and covid proved that hopefully it woke some people up. As for being Indian I love you Guys my neighbours are Indian and they are the nicest people I've met in years and don't even get me started on the food ive spent many a night eating Indian cuisine. One day i plan to go to your homeland and experience you're culture I'm a small town bogan so I'm expecting it to blow my mind and hopefully eat and learn how to cook some authentic food

  29. With all the crap going on at the moment, this was a really great read and reminded me how lucky I am to call this place home. Thank you.

  30. This is awesome. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My wife is from India and all her family have visited and had a fantastic time. And by the way, India is a stunning place to visit. My plan for retirement is to spend 6 months in each country on a rotational basis exploring both.

  31. Australians don’t like people who act like arseholes. We don’t care what race an arsehole is, thus we get labelled racists for calling out arseholes who happen to be a foreign race.

  32. In general we Aussies don't care what you are (black, white or whatever) but who you are. If you are a decent person you are accepted. If you are an arsehole, piss off.

  33. You tend to get what you give when it comes to tourism, and Australia is no different - so thanks for being an awesome cunt as well.

  34. We didn’t get a chance - but wow - see how many times Coona is being mentioned in the comments - not as odd of a choice to visit as some were saying :)

  35. Great share mate. I’m an Aussie just back from 3 weeks doing a motorcycle tour through northern India. Your country and country folk rock too! We were almost celebrities in places like Leh and Manali were not many overseas tourists have been recently. Had a great time and everyone so helpful and friendly. Cheers bro

  36. Dont you ever come back here again or post on here!!!! You are ruining our reputation for being racist fucks worldwide!!!!!

  37. After much a troubled time, this makes me proud. Not everyone here is a top bloke/sheila, some dickheads are a bit 'how-ya-goin', so I'm glad you had a fantastic time here and your experience was all positive.

  38. hahaha reading this warmed by heart, you are also hilarious. Glad to hear we arent all racist as fuck, onya legend !

  39. The whole Coonabarabran region is one of my favourite spots in Australia. So much history – geological, prehistoric, and cultural (both for the Gamilaraay first peoples and, later, English settlers) – all crammed into one area.

  40. If you love the nature side and beaches I’d definitely suggest visiting WA and either heading up north or down south from Perth.

  41. ❤️ this made my morning a little better. I've lost so much faith in humanity over the years, seeing racism, hatred, greed and selfishness everywhere I look. To hear that your visit was nothing like that gave me some joy, I'm glad you had a great time here mate.

  42. Love that TLDR... I'm a Kiwi who just spent a couple of days in Sydney and now sitting in my hotel room in Melbourne. I love visiting Aus, have been here more times than I can count and always enjoy it... It's the lucky country alright...

  43. Australia has very low crime levels compared to much of the world which is a large reason to our trusting nature of other Australians.

  44. People just think we're racist because we openly talk about racial stereotypes where the rest of the world thinks saying the word "black" makes you the grand wizard of the KKK

  45. Glad you had a good time. Aussies are a friendly bunch and it's really a melting pot of cultures cos everybody acknowledges the lands truly belong to the aboriginal folk.

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