1. It's a heart urchin, a kind of burrowing sea urchin. They normally live buried below the surface of the sand, though you may find the heart-shaped skeletons washed up on the beach.

  2. What is this phrase from? It’s written on a stovey pole outside my house, walked past it every day for 5 years, still don’t know what it means

  3. There were heaps on the beach and they all looked like this apparently. It was really low tide so I wonder if that has something to do with them all coming out

  4. Drop bear equivalent of a tadpole. They start off as eggs in the ocean, then crawl onto land, then climb into the trees eventually becoming adult drop bears

  5. I have to say this is the first series of comments on reddit that made me laugh so hard my eyes began to water! Thank you all!

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