1. Did you show it? I was in a way surprized that the people were not moving a lot (including me LOL) but then again I would have preferred to hear her like a piano concert or something. I liked the most her solo with Fredrik when her voice was clear.

  2. So you were not the guy picked and removed by the police? LOL I guess you were closer to him. Do you you know what he did? Big camera issues? Anyway it must have been awful to him - or maybe he was quickly back but not in the same place...

  3. Festivals seem to have time limits. I remember at several ones, the staff told them time was up and they had to play the last song. She even let people vote.

  4. In some of her performances and the show I went to if she leaves abruptly after a song then the crowd will chant “one more song” or just kept cheering until they come out for a final song and goodbyes. Not sure about this one though, and every place is different.

  5. Since it's in a festival. There are time limits for every performer to do their shows. So that every singer/band performs without missing anything. There is not a lot of time between the other bands preparation part so they don't want to take much time.

  6. Was there a commercial/profesional recording of her set? I feel like earlier in the pandemic everything was streaming and now I can’t find a single high def recorded streamed version for the entire TGWCT tour 😩😩😩

  7. I mean, there are no professional recordings of any of the older fest's anyway. So you can guess things from that.

  8. Heathens, Blood in the wine, warrior, cure for me, a temporary high, a dangerous thing, exist for love, Runaway, The river, The seed, Queendom, Running with the wolves, Giving into the love

  9. And I had to give away my ticket 😩😩😩 On another notice…. Did she rip the dress before or during the show 😆🤘🏻

  10. lol every time I hear the "lalalala" part I think an angry thought towards Good Morning America :-) I do not even mean to do it.

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