1. Ugh my town just went the opposite route they all got black vehicles with the wording police in a shade of dark grey you can only read in just the right sun light and hidden light package. Then they complain on their Facebook page people don’t give them enough room on the roads. Personally I feel any emergency vehicle needs to be white/blue/yellow markings with high viz taping. Anything else feels immature.

  2. Religious fundies are active in their local government, so they push this kind of proselytizing at the expense of tax payers every chance they get.

  3. Yeah, this seems like it would probably be the best idea. I’m religious but we don’t need any religious logos or stuff on a government vehicle.

  4. I don’t understand though. The council says the CAN, not that they MUST. I really doubt anyone is going to force them to put this on the squad cars. They’re just permitted to if they want. None of this makes much sense.

  5. They are counting on support from the courts, which if SCOTUS has not made crystal clear yet, they are totally on board with.

  6. Please allow hood ornaments! A Baphomet would be awesome! (Yes, more expensive and easier for a dillhole to remove....)

  7. hood ornaments aren't allowed anymore due car design regulations regarding pedestrian safety (this is also what killed pop-up headlights)

  8. All I'm saying is I would want one too if I saw a bunch of cars driving around with them. But I would purchase one legally, since I wouldn't wanna give them an easy excuse to take them off.

  9. I want Ganesh on all public service vehicles. And Aditi, Agni, Ardhanarishvara, Ayyappan, Balarama, Brahma, Brihaspati, Chandi, Durga, Ganesha, Harihara, Indra, Jagannatha, Kali, Kalkin, Krishna, Kubera, Kurma, Lakshmi, Lokapāla, Matsya, Mitra, Narasimha, Nataraja, Parashurama, Parvati, Prajapati, Rama, Saptamatrika, Sarasvati, Shashthi, Shiva, Skanda, Surya, Trimurti, Vamana, Varaha, Varuna, Vasudeva, Vishnu, Vishvakarman, and Yama.

  10. True, but sadly too many folks will just shrug that off because they’d agree with such a decision without much thought. It’s wrong, but not wrong enough to get most folks to care.

  11. As an atheist myself, I have to admit it be kind of cool to see a cop car roll up on you that says "There is no God"

  12. I like how they just took slogans the police would be totally cool with, and then added “Hail Satan” at the end. It makes it impossible to argue there’s anything remotely objectionable about them apart from the religion being endorsed.

  13. Any car that doesn't have a God sticker on it will be targeted by the 'good Christians' in town. Any officer choosing another sticker will be hounded and harassed right out of the department.

  14. Meanwhile, if I'm ever in trouble and see a satanic church sticker, I'll feel incredibly more comfortable flagging down that officer.

  15. I truly doubt that a cop is the type to put a church of Satan sticker on their car. They're prob all a part of the good ol' boys crew. Don't forget that forces are set up like gangs for good reason. Loyalty to the group above all else.

  16. "no see its fine because any religion can put their slogan on the cars! Oh gee they all picked Christianity... What a coincidence!"

  17. Don't even do modern ISIS, do the Ancient Egyptian Isis. Put an ankh on there with a message of support for Isis, just to confuse and scare Y'all Quaeda

  18. By letting anyone submit any slogan they want, the slogans become private speech rather than government speech

  19. That seems to be true. See all the pearl clutching in local Facebook groups whenever school satan clubs come up, despite those same parents gleefully taking special treatment from the government for THEIR religion.

  20. Do this with money. US currency shouldn't have in god we trust on it, but since it does, the Satanic temple should also get a phrase added.

  21. This is pretty funny, but realistically there is not going to be any other stickers than the in god we trust ones on police cars, at least not if the wording in that article is correct.

  22. How about we don’t have controversial slogans of any kind? It’s a police car. Why does it need any kind of message?

  23. My question is, who decides what gets on a police car, because if its simply the department is allowed to add anything, that means it will only be christian decals.

  24. I'm kinda thinking a simple "Allah Akbar" ("God is Greatest"). Or perhaps "Modeh Ani" ("I Give Thanks") or "Sarbat da bhala" ("May Everyone Prosper").

  25. I admire the Anti-Establishment work the Satanic Temple does. But I wonder if the case that will surely be made to the Supreme Court would be that they really don’t believe in Satan, it’s not a deeply held conviction. As a humanist, I feel like suggesting “Good without God.”

  26. Good on TST, but these police cars are gonna look ridiculous. Dozens of sayings and mottos littering the vehicle. They'll barely be recognizable as police.

  27. It is a safe thing for the council to do. Saying any religions slogan can be on the police cars knowing full well that the only one the police will use is 'in God we trust'.

  28. I know we get cherry picked stories about The Satanic Temple, but it seems they are one of the only institutions in the US who is actively fighting back against the sweeping actions being taken by the religious zealots in the US.

  29. They should remove it altogether. They should get rid of all religious things on government and public vehicles, property e.c.t., and they should remove that stuff off of currencies and flags.

  30. I'm not an atheist, but I don't believe religious ideological dogmatic ways of government are acceptable in any way. I'm so fucking tired of Christianity worming it's way into places it does not belong.

  31. I always laugh when people try to enforce their prefered religion over something that shouldn't have any, and then there comes the ST to also add their own since "if you put one, you put all".

  32. This seems to imply there’s an on-call graphic designer for The Satanic Temple and where can I apply to get that job?

  33. I do not trust a police officer in a vehicle with “In god we trust”. That’s fucked up. That’s theocracy. Keep religion away from the military, police, school, anything medical, courts, etc.

  34. Ooookay they are making designs but who actually gets to choose which ones get placed on which vehicles? It just sounds like they have the freedom to do whatever but the article says nothing of the enforcemtn. I'm sure if it's up to the police they'll all just keep the "In God We Trust" unfortunately.

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