1. My dad always told us that first we would sell all our things then walk to Utah and then walk again to Missouri. I focused on the extra walking but why did we need to sell our things instead of just leaving?

  2. I should try to watch the Book of Mormon again. All I know about that religion was obtained by a musical made by the guys who do South Park.

  3. Shut your 14 year old mouth and let Prophet John Smith marry you in secret already. Don't worry he cleared it with the big guy, he is God's latest messenger, it's all very kosher!

  4. Well, one thing I know is BLACKS don't. And that's for sure. I'm a BLACK Cuban- American, and I've talked to many Christian BLACK Americans. They don't know slavery is condoned in the Bible. And when I tell them they look surprised, and incredulous. They have not read the Bible. They only know what their pastors tell them it's in the Bible.

  5. Wasn't that the way the Roman Catholic Church wanted it? After all, they were against translating it into languages that most of the parishioners spoke.

  6. If Jesus ever came to America, he would probably be told to “go back to your country” because of his Middle Eastern looks and accent.

  7. Dude spoke an ancient dialect of Galilean Aramaic. They would just assume he was saying "I have a bomb" and shoot on site.

  8. I always liked the Mahatma Gandhi quote “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  9. Lately, I've been watching Freedom from Religion Foundation on YouTube. There is a very interesting interview with an author (can't remember his name). And he wrote a book about CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM. That's the topic of the interview. I see a pattern in America's christianity of belief in a made up God that looks like a white person, and it conflates strongly with racism. It is almost unavoidable for a white Christian in America today not to be, or believe, or feel entitled by White Supremacy. And that makes me also wonder why BLACKS in America are so religious, specifically I'm talking about christianity. Can't make sense of it. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤔

  10. "American Folk Religion" did you come up with that word or is there a paper or something you read it from because that's an excellent way to communicate the weird non-organized pseudo-Christianity that makes up a lot of "Christians"

  11. Nietzsche said that the only christian that ever lived died on a cross. He also said that che Church was the very thing that Jesus always fought against.

  12. The specific arrangement of letters "Christianity" isnt in their book, but the word "Christian" is (somewhere in Acts, I no longer care to know where specifically). Furthermore, the details of a rapture are laid out in Revelations, but the word isnt used; which doesnt matter, since the word's use is to condense those details. IDK about Trinity, catholic documents may have that.

  13. Exceptionalism, humans have a driving need to find purpose and feel special to a giant fault. Adolf Hitler believed the German people to be exceptional to the point of committing atrocities, Civil War general Nathan Bedford Forrest believed Caucasians to be exceptional and found purpose in founding the Klu Klux Klan that again went on to commit atrocities in the name of exceptionalism.

  14. Yea, the manifest destiny thought process seems to have stuck to Christian American’s religious beliefs. That coupled with overwhelming ethnocentric tendencies by the more conservative religious third of Americans & viola America is God’s chosen country, we are the last hope for Christianity’s gods kingdom starts here…ignore the daily mass shootings, warmongering tendencies, shaky at best approach to welcoming strangers from other lands, destruction of environment here and afar, prioritization of profit over people on a national scale, etc.

  15. I took a class basically on this in college. It's eye opening and discouraging to learn just how deeply religion has its roots in this country. Way before the Revolutionary War and the drafting of the government, this land was settled and colonized as basically a place where religious extremists could practice the most fanatical versions of Christianity. To those people, the American continent was very much God's chosen land. The roots of this line of thinking go back centuries. The founding fathers, despite in some cases being godless liberals, largely recognized this and baked in into our government. This is why we often find ourselves in the position of having "freedom of religion," but not "freedom from religion."

  16. Because of the idea that it was "founded by Christians and built on Christian values". Except last time I checked, slaughtering natives and stealing their land doesn't exactly seem like something that the Jesus they claim to believe in would have been chill with.

  17. One of the early preachers, might have been Cotton Mather, actually said that God wanted white people to have the land that the indigenous people were wasting by not farming it. Forcing the natives off the land they had lived on for centuries was all part of God's plan as stated in Genesis, according to him.

  18. You think we can draw logical conclusions when we think the answer to years of training and research by a doctor who then performs life saving surgery on me is to thank God?

  19. American evangelicalism has almost nothing to do with the Bible. They can quote a few verses to back up their racism or homophobia. But it’s largely a decentralized and loosely tied together group of independent churches, not a single religion

  20. That belief taken to the extreme is what gave us Mormonism. There are also the people who believed Native Americans were one of the "lost tribes of Israel." A few think white people are from a lost tribe. It all comes from a desire to reconcile their beliefs with reality so they don't have to ask themselves challenging questions. And everybody wants to feel special.

  21. The vast majority of "Christians" have never read the Bible in its entirety. They just wait for it to be cherrypicked by their leaders. If you actually read the Bible, you realize the Old Testament is mostly crazy history and fiction, and the second part constantly contradicts itself. And Jesus was Jewish, and never expected people to worship him.

  22. Cult indoctrination is a powerful thing and the hucksters selling faith have been perfecting the scam for 20 centuries now. An understanding of the word “fact” and a basic education cannot compete with 2000 years of practiced lies by child diddlers.

  23. In the 1800's ultra devout religious leaders in the US began to talk about American Exceptionalism. This idea that god set aside that land for them and it is their manifest destiny to turn all the lands from east to west coast into an American, christian nation. From there the interpretations became more and more exaggerated.

  24. This concept bloomed into the ultra nationalist/religious fusion during Mccarthism and anticommunism, which was further cemented by the alliance in the 80s of the evangelicals and zionist israelis.

  25. It's all part of the Christian nationalist mythology they tell themselves about the founding of the country. They think we are a Christian nation founded by Christians who were fleeing religious persecution, and we succeeded with a constitutional government because "God".

  26. Since no has actually answered your question, here is why: In the mid to late 1800s, a form of eschatology (study of final things) took hold within the American church called Premillennialism. It’s the way of thinking, which many of you in

  27. It's because they take symbolism and stories from other cultures and pervert the meaning to justify their shitty behavior. Most Christians couldn't quote more than 3 passages from the bible. They don't believe in a god damn thing.

  28. I suppose, if you believe in such a deity (suspension of disbelief please), then you could claim every part of the Universe was chosen by the deity /s

  29. Because religious people are conceded delusional interpreters the Bible to begin with so who cares what does or doesn't exist in the bible as long as you can convince your brain?

  30. Isn’t it in the return of the Jedi Bible Joseph smith wrote from invisible magic gold plates only he was allowed to see in a hat?

  31. Mainly cult mentality. But remember there are so many flavors of Christianity and religions in general here. Scientology and Mormonism both started here. Makes sense that their made up nonsense would prioritize their own country by their made up deity.

  32. Probably comes from the religious start of the US, Manifest Destiny being the most likely point. “It’s our God-given right to take this land” and that shit.

  33. I believe America's religious landscape was heavily influenced by religious zealots fleeing from the european reformation . . . it's probably a good part of the modern day american christians persecution complex too

  34. It’s 1000% propaganda, delusion, and ego. They’re American and Christian and the protagonists of their own stories, so OF COURSE they’re god’s favorite because they are their own favorite. Since they’re god’s favorite, wherever they happen to live is his favorite too.

  35. This is what happens when you populate an area with all the religious nut bags that other countries wouldn’t put up with

  36. Simple, because they've been brainwashed to think that thanks to the Cold War and the United States government painting the Soviets as godless, moral-less people intent on destroying the greatest place on Earth.

  37. Every country with religion has had people of religion claim that that country is divinely favoured. Americans do it more right now than European countries because the USA is more religious than most European countries.

  38. America is where UK sent their weirdos that were not happy to accept bible as it is. Basically Australia is where we sent all the criminals, North America is where we sent all the religious nutcases.

  39. Because there the main character, of course, and the belief (however misguided) makes perfect sense if they are the main character.

  40. listen here, bub, if i like and it works for me, it's god's will. if i don't like it or it means i have to give up anything that i worked for by inheriting it the hard way, then its the work of democrats. it's my god, and he'll be in my image!

  41. There are no cats in the bible either, which is weird considering how commonly domesticated they were for the time.

  42. Religion is deeply tied to nationalism and xenophobia. Deities reinforce the rightness of a group and justify use of violence to protect an insular culture.

  43. Basically, because they feel that it is. In the Federalist Papers they hold to the thought Manifest Destiny. Basically, such a bountiful land was put here specifically for us to take and own

  44. Manifest Destiny. not enough literate people listening to their leaders who more often than not used a bible as the basis for their beliefs

  45. Not religious in the least, but have had the good fortune of growing up a military brat and seeing much of Europe and then making multiple road trips across the US as an adult.

  46. Because they need a way to blend patriotism and religion to make it all come together so they do what Christian’s have excelled at doing for centuries . Making up stuff

  47. Well the Bible was written 2,000 years ago, if it were true it would make sense for it to be out of date. They believe they live in God's chosen country because they believe the people of America worship God as he most wishes.

  48. Poor education. Especially when public schools sneak in creationism in classrooms. Tribalism. Stifled critical thinking during do to indoctrination.

  49. It's a way of instilling nationalism in people. It's not unique to America--countries have done it throughout history. After all, "God Save the Queen" is the national anthem of the United Kingdom. Most countries have ceased using that language as they've become more secular, but the United States hasn't gotten there yet.

  50. Because Americans generally don’t have the introspection skills to think that “god” might think differently than they do. It’s the same reason why 1 in 4 Americans think God picks the Super Bowl winner.

  51. Ever meet a religious person? They'll tell themselves whatever they need to if they believe something. Whether it's personal revelation, history of fleeing from persecution, that Jesus is really from Utah, that the nation was founded in Christianity. Doesn't matter what's true, they have faith in such and such.

  52. Someone told me once that California was "God's country". For some people it is just an expression that a place seems especially favored by God. Both California and the US may be going down the tubes now in various ways, But historically many aspects of both did seem especially favorable: things like geography, fertility, climate, room for expansion, allowance for free expression, etc.

  53. This is an excellent point! Surely, if Americans had a land covenant with God the Bible would say so. But it doesn’t. Americans are just appropriating gods chosen people so they can justify breaking 500 treaties PLUS article 6, section 2 of the US Constitution until the genocide of my people is complete.

  54. you forget, 80% of american christians havent read the bible. they dont care. its just nationalistic worship.

  55. Because they narcissistically want to think sky person favors them and justifies all their actions as favored.

  56. I remember when gay pride was now becoming a thing in the US with pride parades and stuff my mother said that God will wipe the country off the Map and it will just be a giant hole.......... isn't she lovely

  57. Probably for the same reason they believe that the buybull says 'abortion is a sin' when it does not. No one was more willing to kill unborn babies then the old testament god!

  58. The individual place in modern American politics from the Republican perspective is just a analogy for the benefit of "being christian". You don't have to be one to be the other but it's just so darn natural feeling if it's your cup of tea. The average believer doesn't really comprehend anything beyond their next free ride and cant see further back than the lie they live by to protect their interests. It's not about doing the right thing or being morally sound. It's about winning no matter what because you're special. Because you make an oath for a moment and never live up to it but still get to dip your cookie in the cream. See it's kinda like cheating on a test, you don't have to study and you still get an A. That's how it is being a christian and they're brain washed to believe this is the way to live from childhood. See it's all about double standards and if God says no then you go cry to Santa and you just have to lie and play victim to get prizes. In case life teaches them otherwise they repeat this ritual annually.

  59. Probably something relating back to manifest destiny where it was something along the lines of thinking that it was the white man's God given right to conquer this land from one sea to the next

  60. God also isn't mentioned in the Constitution, and only once, I believe, in the Declaration of Independence. And even that was more in a literary manner.

  61. We also have a picture of jesus and looks whiter than milk LOL white skin color didn't even exist in that part of the world.

  62. They basically invented a new religion where Jesus was white and America is the best and believe that now. Their religious relic is the bible, and while it has words, they don't actually read them. The nature of having the bible as a symbol of "we're the best" is enough.

  63. The pilgrims story. It's absolutely crazy. Lunatics arrived here and immediately started digging up graves of natives(who died en-masse from European disease) and thought the seeds ceremonially buried with the dead were there by God as a sign of providence. Unfortunately, the fake and misleading pilgrim story is one that grew into something that informs American identity.

  64. Have you heard that Jesus has a second testament, set in America? Hello (ding dong) my name is Elder Price…

  65. Just because science tells man they are not the center of the universe, doesn't mean man doesn't still believe they are the center of the universe. The same mentality that Christians use to feel superior to everyone is the same mentality that extremists Muslims use to justify killing non-believers. And Christian extremists are just as happy to murder anyone who does not follow thier "version" of Christianity. More people have been murdered due to religion than have been saved by it.

  66. Tell him that you can fight evil demons with powers that you get from religion as a cleric. However, if someone is that backwards I wouldn’t be their friend, lol.

  67. Im surprised it hasnt been rewritten to include the US, or people coming out saying "see this vague description of a location? Its obviously talking about Texas!"

  68. Cause they are narcissistic and ignorant. Also manifest destiny is built into the dna of the country which is a pretty ignorant and narcissistic outlook on life.

  69. Because the usa is almost a theocracy, many US states are similarly crazy religious as Egypt, Turkey or Afghanistan.

  70. This was honestly a big concern in the early days of the American Republic. It was partly one of the reasons Mormonism took hold so strongly.

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