1. I just hate how clearly fake some influencers are. Like if you wouldn’t actually use a product don’t endorse it. I’m pretty sure she took the case off instantly after this photo. I’m done with her entire page being a giant advertisement.

  2. It’s sooo annoying. Im not against paid posts per say but I hate when influencers shove things in your face they would NEVER use. Which Asspyn is SO bad at. Another pet peeve is when you’re watching a normal video and there’s an ad that’s has nothing to do with the video!!! It’ll be like a get ready with me and all the sudden they’re advertising a vacuum to you 😭

  3. Interesting to see this perspective! It's funny, I actually prefer unrelated sponsorships because I feel like it makes the video's theme feel more authentic and less forced. Like if you're watching a Pack with Me and all of a sudden Delta Airlines is sponsoring the video, it feels to me like they only filmed the Pack with Me because they were being paid to fly somewhere. Wonder how other people feel about this?

  4. I remember her doing an ad for an lg phone when she is clearly only an Apple user. Only ever saw her use that phone in the ad

  5. It’s heartbreaking that her daughter will most likely have so many body image and appearance issues when she’s older due to her mothers toxic ways.

  6. I just will never understand parents forbidding character clothing/toys/things for kids. It’s so fun for a kid to find something they like and make it theirs. I loved the bearenstein bears growing up and wanted the quilt of them! Or how we all loved Pokémon and my brother was obsessed with ninja turtles. I remember when I was maybe 10-11 I was obsessed with Zooey 101 and lasenza girl released a whole collection with the show. I got so much stuff for school that year. Even now, I get my son whatever licensed clothing he wants. In reason, but he obsessed with super hero’s and pj masks right now. I got him a hulk jammies and marvel shirt and he’s gonna be gecko for Halloween. Let them have fun!! Heck, I’m an adult and wear themed graphic shirts of my favourite horror movies still. Clearly I never grew out of that phase lol.

  7. Just like the diapers ad when she already shared she only uses 1 brand and after the sponsorship went back to showing her normal brand. So fake I can’t believe the brands pay for this.

  8. She does have Paw Patrol toys and clothes. But Aspyn constantly complains how “obsessed” her daughter is and how she thinks the clothes aren’t cute at all. She’s constantly trying to take them away. She also posted one time complaining about how Cove always carries around a toy and had to spend hours editing it out because the brand they were working with didn’t allow licensed things. Cove is a child for goodness sake. Let her have fun. That’s more important than Instagram pics.

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