1. Not great, I've encountered some creeps, but most of the time the conversations don't really go anywhere. Like all other dating sites/apps/reddits/etc there's going to be a lot of trial and error.

  2. I have had some really great conversations, but also run into a few dead ends. If you list your location/city, there may be allo people from nearby messaging you. That was my only negative experience as a result of posting — they weren’t a creep or anything, it was just kind of exhausting and invasive having to explain asexuality to someone who really didn’t want to understand. But if that happens to you, you’re not obligated to answer them - and I won’t answer next time either lol.

  3. Not good. I got four responses. One from a very pushy man, one from a non-asexual/incel, one from someone too old, one from someone too young.

  4. Yeah there's a lot of people who are very uh, not open-minded about asexuality on dating apps. There are some who don't understand but are willing to try understand you without demeaning you or forcing their own opinion of it on you. But it's very hit or miss.

  5. The creeps are usually more active on dating apps so the probability of you running into one here is low.

  6. I've had a number of lovely conversations and made a friend. Nothing progressing to in-person meets.

  7. I’ve made 2 good friends ( no in-person meets yet ) but I’ve had good conversations with 98% of people on Reddit. to chicken to make a post though :/

  8. No creeps, lots of dead air, and several post that lean on presenting negative things they view as problems usually first thing in post ie autism, over weight. Ect. Leas with your strengths and you'll get more bites.

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