1. That's what led me to making this post. I watched it a few days ago and after some research and just lots of thinking and confusion I decided to make this post.

  2. I found out by googeling my "Symptoms". I did that because I thought that there is something wrong with me not falling in love and being absolutely happy as a "single" Person (i don't like the Term single for myself that's why it is in quotes). When I red about aromanticism it Just felt right and was a big releave, also a lot of things suddenly made sense. After that first reaction I started questioning it for a while and read Reddit Posts until I finally was 100% sure i am aromantic. what makes me Sure i am aro?

  3. How long did it take for you to realise. Was it something you were 100% sure about after some searching and reading or did it take some time for you to come to said conclusion?

  4. I uh, used to think I was pan-romantic - (and pan-sexual). Till nope, I realized I am in fact aroace lol. I thought that since I feel the same way towards everyone that must mean I'm pan, but I realized that I feel no way towards everyone. I think there was like a yearly period in between. I only started thinking about it after my friend came out to me as bisexual. Then I announced that I was pan to myself in my head, till lockdown rolled around and I actually did some research since I had nothing better to do. Hence, am now an aroace agender.

  5. She seemed like the perfect girl to fall in love with but I felt nothing so at that point I decided I wasn't gonna ever have a relationship with anyone at all

  6. I've been in several long-term relationships with people who were my absolute BFFs, and that strong platonic attraction was confusing, but I knew somewhere deep down that it wasn't the same as romantic attraction. I kept telling myself when I get to X point in my life or hit Y relationship milestone, I'll feel the romance feels then. The goalposts kept moving. Then it was that I must not be interested because I'm depressed, or anxious, or whatever. Then I figured that because I experience aesthetic attraction to women but not men, I must be homoromantic and I was just having trouble feeling romantic attraction because I had mostly dated men (despite the fact that I had never felt romantic attraction to any women I went on dates with either).

  7. I tried a relationship because I liked the idea of having someone to talk to constantly about stuff but I realized I was really only comfortable talking over social media because doing it irl came with certain relationship expectations (hugging, holding hands, kissing, etc) that I wasn’t at all comfortable with. I also realized that anyone that had ever like me that I ‘liked’ back were clearly feeling something I wasn’t and never had. After some serious research and introspection I found the label and here I am :)

  8. I’m still not entirely sure at 15, it wasn’t really one moment, just more and more noticing aromantic content being way too relatable

  9. Boo child. You are so young, not as a bad thing, but the fact that you have knowledge now that I didn’t when I was your age. You’re still figuring out who are and who you want to be. Take as much time as you need. There’s no due date.

  10. I'd never dated anyone and never wanted to, then met someone online who wanted to try something if I was ok with it. Within a week I was really anxious (which I rarely am) and really wasn't enjoying it, so said I wanted to stop and have gone back to never feeling any real need/want for it. Always found it hard to understand why other people dated, even before I knew what aromanticism was. I usually enjoy romantic media (most often romcoms), but again don't really empathise directly/if I really think about it it becomes kinda weird

  11. Honestly for the longest time I didn't really suspect anything, I was just a biromantic bisexual who didn't feel like dating. I mean, my friends' relationships confused me a lot, but I assumed that was because I've never been in one.

  12. Is there a place will all the microlabels or is it just a lot of looking through different sites to find them since yeah, I certainly do want to expand my view will probably help me a lot.

  13. (it was a few days before the jaiden video to give some perspective) i was watching some video about the pride flags and when it got around to aro it kinda sounded similar and so now im in this giant rabbit hole of who knows what

  14. Didn't get that many crushes (which weren't actually crushes) and described myself as aro-spectrum. Then began to realize aromantic felt better and fit me more slowly.

  15. I identified as bisexual since i was 9. At 15 i took an am i gay test for fun and it said aromantic, i had no idea what that was at the time so i searched it up and found out that romantic, sexual and platonic attraction was different. For 15 years i thought a partner was a best friend you had sex with.

  16. 20+ partners deep and I STILL haven't anything for anyone ever beyond pure physical attraction and/or decent mental engagement. I would just look at them and KNOW there was something missing, even if I couldn't put my finger on it.

  17. One of my friends brought it up as a possibility after I tried to leave a conversation as soon as they started talking about romance

  18. I learned what asexuality first from a buzzfeed video and in it they talked about people who were aro-ace. I really connected to the “not having crushes on anyone” part, but not as much the asexual. At the time I didn’t know the two were different so I assumed I was just a kind of broken aro-ace because I am allosexual. Eventually I learned that you could be aromantic allosexual and that just felt like it described my experience really well.

  19. Kinda murky for me tbh because one day I heard the aromantic label and was like this describes me perfectly. It felt right and it explained everything. Now for how... relationship talk was boring and I didn't care for it. I never had any crushes or "liked" anyone like the other kids did, so I couldn't relate. Weirdly enough, I never stopped to question it. I accepted aromanticism peacefully and went on with my life. And that was when I was around 13

  20. was researching aromanticism and realized how big of a spectrum it is and that some labels I could relate to. Pretty eye opening and had me rethinking things

  21. I mistaked alterous attraction for romantic attraction + didn't realize until my mental illness kicked in and did its thing around the time I was told about the aromantic label and it clicked. asexuality was commonly mentioned but I NEVER saw anything about aromanticism and never even thought of it as an option

  22. Someone asked about am I attracted to anyone, I dug through my memories and realised I never experienced or actually wanted romantic attraction

  23. I feel intense repulse and disgust when people tell other people they are my romantic partners and it is not true or try to sneakily get me to be in a romantic relationship with them.

  24. I was doing truth or dare with my friends at a sleepover. I was too innocent and one of my friends said "wow, you're so ace.." so I was like "no I'm not ;-;" But it kept circling through my head.. The next day I went onto the internet because I didn't know what it meant. Found out I really related to aroace people, and after more research I realised I had to be aroace. :)

  25. 32y.o. Here. Last serious bf was pre-20. Didn’t see the point of putting in all the work just for a maybe. Never had the drive. Also asexual spec.

  26. Oh my, you just described everything I feel. One of the major things making me question if I am or am not aromantic is the fact I feel like I can't be bothered to enter a relationship; for a few reasons some of which is the not seeing the point of putting in effort for a high possibility of it not working out and me being lazy.

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