1. So since only Pram and Kjera know that they're besties (and Kjera is a goddess), to the outsider, it does kinda look like Pram is making her servant dress up for the fun of it/a fetish lol. Silverash showers his employees in fancy clothes too though so he's got no leg to stand on, Mr Sugar Daddy.

  2. Not normally into maid stuff, but it's Kjera so I might have to make an exception. I like the rainbow glow around her duster and her gentle spin entry animation. Unfortunately the S2 animation isn't too impressive, though the base one will be hard to beat when the snow and clouds looks so great.

  3. Not bad but I was honestly hoping for a skin where her god powers were on full display. Maybe when she gets an alt I guess

  4. Yeah not a fan of this one either. Almost seems like something you'd see in Azur Lane or something like that.

  5. she's not? Lol there's no garbage Mech-Accord Caster so far. Even Minimalist is decent. 'Worth leveling ' is subjective, of course if you're a meta slave who only builds meta then she's not worth it but if you're talking about being 'usable' then she is.

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