1. Chenchen is sleeping with her eyes open definitely, and fiammeta is contemplating committing homicide infront of an officer.

  2. This is funny, cute and amazing all in one. Fia looking dead inside is quite relatable, albeit I bet she feels like murdering someone right now lol

  3. I wanna see an operator who unironically loves Nian's movies. The reactions of the other operators would be hilarious

  4. Ambience Synthesia has "Phenomenal Agents" which is a Nian movie that gives you an idea of how some of her movies could be in canon.

  5. Given everything we've heard about them, they're probably very action focused with lots of explosions, but with trash characters, story, and cringy dialogue... All-in-all pretty much everything Fiametta hates in movies.

  6. During the concert the personalities she chose for the characters Reed and Mudrock were playing were... a bit bewildering. Tequila & Phantom didn't mention anything about it, but I suppose it was the same.

  7. Nian: See, Fia. My movies are so much better than ones you like because they aren’t black and white and include explosions instead of just people talking.

  8. Fia holding her grenade launcher tight: I'm no match for Nian, but the film screen is no match for me.

  9. Come on people always say it's bad but the only Nian movie we actually saw is phenomenal agents and that's a banger

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