1. Good lord, those are huge!!! Here are some things you can play with to get rid of the algae: Have you tried reducing light hours or placing your light higher above the tank? Could your phosphates or nitrates be too high? Are you doing enough waterchanges? Have you tested your tap water? You can also try reducing the amount of liquid fertilizer you are putting in. I assume you are using an all in one?!

  2. This is awesome, thanks! I can work on minimising light, suspect there is too much. Ill keep a v close eye on water parameters over the next couple weeks, I definitely got lax. I wish id checked this reddit prior to doing the full clean, Im thinking the substrate was overkill... Its essentially a new tank without being cycled with a water conditioner, start up bacteria + a liquid fertilizer all in one as you say... pray for my corys...

  3. and yes - I would LOVE to upgrade... Its the best Ive got for the next year, and then when I move thats the plan..

  4. Ive had those two corys for just over two years and want to give them a better life free of algae :( 20L tank

  5. Get a timer for your light, they are cheap and you won't end up with algae from forgetting to turn it off. 6-8 hours of light should be plenty

  6. Get the rock wool out of the tank it clings into nutrients according to the company that makes the rock wool the store I work at uses. It’s apparently designed to suck nutrients out of the water and into the cup but it’s not good for extended use. Designed for in store uses

  7. Reducing lighting hours and using phosphate Reducing filter media is probably the easiest steps you can take. It was enough to solve my algae problem.

  8. Hey idk if you already solved it, but I believe duck weed is one of the floating plants you’re looking for. It removes nutrients from the water and helps balance out the tank. Only downside is it grows a lot on the surface and can look unsightly (preference)

  9. thank you for your comment! your point about lights only being for us has struck home, i havent put the light on at all as the natural lighting in the room is enough

  10. I believe something that removes phosphates and silicates helps! I have phosphate/silicate removers in both of my tanks filters and I haven't had nearly the issue with algae I used to

  11. I’ve had the most success with cleaning the tank, shaking plants, scrubbing wood and doing a water change sucking up all the algae, then black out for 2-3 days. I do a water change then get ready to black out again if there is a reemergence

  12. Less light, tons of easy, low-tech stem plants and floaters - particularly frogbit. If you have enough plants taking up the excess nutrients, you won't get much algae.

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