1. Not OP but they probably have the Master Volume and Sound Effects Volume cranked up high with everything else turned down or off. Dialogue Volume at 3~5% should still be audible enough to get hints of things going on around you w/o drowning out important sounds such as footsteps.

  2. God I want a sound board so bad, I’ve even looked up YouTube videos and I still don’t know how to do it. I know if I can figure it out me and my friends would absolutely die laughing

  3. You can just make one in fl studio or something like that, but it's time consuming since you'd have to chop the audio clips yourself. From there, you can route each clip to a keyboard key.

  4. You just need a drum machine & a DAW or a drum machine software on your phone & download the audio you want to use, throw them onto the pads & boom.

  5. It would be great if that person was your best friend and he shows the soundboard too you on the first day and its really cool. Then after 2 weeks you just avoid playing with them cuz of that stupid soundboard. Because they use it for Every. Little. Thing. Yeah that was my best mate 2 years ago lol

  6. He’s probably happy that people actually liked it, when i do it, i get angry ass people who sound like they play way to much apex.

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