1. Once a teamate and I were doing this then our random path engages a new fight then ziplines the enemy squad into our lootless stuck bodies for backup. Needless to say we did not win that one.

  2. In D&D, there's an item called an Immovable Rod. A few months ago, my group was in an airship traveling over a seemingly endless ocean.

  3. Does the immovable rod take into account planet rotation or planet orbits around other celestial bodies? Or solar system movement, or galaxy movement?

  4. Ofc. I witnessed like 3 fights in harvester, had some fun with my drone, but in the end I died to the ring.

  5. Something like this has only happened to me/one of my teammates ONCE in our 8000+ cumulative hours in the game. Yep, this game is ass

  6. Video of edge case bug that isn't game breaking and has very rare chance of actually happening in match: ¨Holy shit this game sucks¨

  7. I had a thermite and an arc, but neither worked. I asked my teammates for a frag but I think they ignored me.

  8. I had a thermite and an arc, but neither worked. I asked my teammates for a frag but I think they ignored me.

  9. Just take your armor off and commit Suicide with that arcstar and then when you’re picked back up you’ll be free

  10. Man this kind of thing happened to me except I got stuck in a garbage bag in the market on King's Canyon in like the pre-season of season 1. lol

  11. this happened to one of my squad mates. we tried everything we could. punching them, grenades, maggie’s ult, everything. eventually the ring closed in and i threw them a heat shield and had to leave them behind. i still feel survivors guilt.

  12. i had something similar happen to me when I clipped into a wall. We took Valks ULT up the huge pipe in Stormpoint and of course, couldn't quite clear it. Coming down, i somehow glided into the wall of the tube and got stuck . No amount of kicking off the wall could get me out. I died and then my box was stuck there too.

  13. Death boxes should still be movable in the first few seconds. So if this happens to you, MOVE. Otherwise it becomes as immovable as Thor's hammer.

  14. Happened to me many times. Have to take everything out of the box and it will disappear. Been happening since beta

  15. a trick I've learned through the years, if you become stuck from a deathbox. first you must have killed the whole enemy squad, then, either you or a team mate loot everything from it,and I mean EVERYTHING, the box will disappear

  16. I’m actually really surprised more people don’t know that looting everything from a death box despawns it! I guess since we start off with shields and health now, instead of literally nothing like in the early seasons of apex, people don’t really loot the whole box anymore.

  17. You could have tried climbing the wall, but that’s a toss up as you could “climb” out the map or into a death barrier. Looting the box was the right answer here

  18. This happened to one of my teammates the other day. He dropped everything he had then looted the box completely and it disappeared. Not sure how he figured that out tbh.

  19. I was stuck like this too as an octane. So I put up my jump pad and my teammate accidentally steps on it taking him to a restricted area where he too got stuck 👌🏻

  20. I don't even know why deathboxes have collision in this game. So corny when you win a bunch of fights in a building and all the doorways get blocked with boxes.

  21. I don’t think death boxes should be able to completely soft lock you like that. Sucks when it happens. Maybe they shouldn’t have collisions or something. Or maybe characters can drag them real slow or something. Just anything to prevent being completely useless until that team is dead and you can clear the box or you die.

  22. Happened to me before, best thing you can do is to make sure everyone is dead on their team and loot everything so the box would just disappear

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