1. Really one of my favorite memes. So chill, never fails to make me smile. I was sad when it went away.

  2. I didn't even have music on the first time i watched this but Shooting Stars was playing in my head.

  3. First time this happened to me, we were retreating from a fight through Wraith's portal.

  4. You should've done one where the legends were dropping and the gas canister was flying in the distance

  5. The new trap bug looks even dumber than the one where you put it under a landing care package. I love it.

  6. This happened to me but I was not on the same team as caustic. Opened the door and the thing literally chased me until I grappled away lol

  7. I remember when caustic first came out my friend and I wanted to find out what happened if we dropped lifelines ult on his gas trap and it just started floating away, we both lost our shit wish I had a clip of it

  8. I watched this without sound and then I saw it fly away and thought to myself they better put the song in. Turned on sound. Was not disappointed.

  9. Not saying it's for the same reason but if you drop a lifeline package on nox traps they fly away very similar to that and I highly recommend trying it in the firing range or a real game

  10. I JUST sat this happen with a friendly Caustic trap during what was already a pretty insane start to the match (train antics). Laughed my ass off l

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