1. Just wait until the office Karens start cutting them in halves and quarters because they don't want an entire cupcake.

  2. Eat all the ones with motivational statements on them and cry a little with each bite and with a full mouth of cupcake repeat what it says on the cupcake while your eating. Maybe they'll see your not taking the cupcakes well and boom on your way home

  3. With the meaningless platitudes written on them that generally make people actually experiencing depression feel worse. Just exactly on par with expectations

  4. I don’t think op was expecting or wanting the actual mental health awareness day off. What is more helpful to someone suffering from mental illness is the ability to take a day off when needed, not a cupcake.

  5. We had a mass shooting here in Buffalo last week…has anyone at my firm addressed? Nope. A cupcake would be too much for them

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